Imaging Management, Volume 10 - Issue 6, 2010


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Next Generation Ct with Idose

Philips announced the new Philips Ingenuity CT platform, an innovative technology that it says will help redefine low dose imaging, during the RSNA. The Ingenuity CT features iDose, Philips’ next-generation iterative reconstruction technique, designed to provide equivalent diagnostic image quality at up to 80 percent less dose; improve spatial resolution by up to 35 percent with up to 50 percent less dose; or simply improve spatial resolution by up to 68 percent. This new platform is available as a standalone or hybrid imaging system via the Ingenuity CT scanner and the Ingenuity TF PET/CT system.


“The Ingenuity CT system maintains outstanding image quality at the absolute lowest possible dose without wasting a moment of valuable clinician time. In the past, because the combination of great image quality, low dose and fast reconstruction times has been a challenge for the industry, CT scanning has often been about trade-offs. The launch of the Philips Ingenuity CT, the next step towards fully optimizing low-dose imaging, is proof of Philips’ commitment to eliminating the need to make trade-offs in patient care,” said Gene Saragnese, general manager, Imaging Systems, for Philips Healthcare.


At the heart of the Ingenuity CT is a new level of clinical integration and a wide variety of applications that put the focus on the patient while enhancing economic value. iDose4, Philips’ newest generation iterative reconstruction technique adds improvement in image quality and fast reconstruction times, while reducing dose.


New Networking Workspace to Facilitate Collaboration

Philips also used the annual meeting to introduce its clients to the Philips IntelliSpace Portal, a multimodality workspace that uses advanced networking capabilities to facilitate collaboration between radiologists and referring clinicians that may lead to faster, more accurate and informed patient care. Featured at the 96th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North American (RSNA) in Chicago, the IntelliSpace Portal turns virtually any PC into an advanced multimodality imaging system workspace and offers clinicians the ability to view images anywhere, from multiple imaging modalities, including those from non-Philips systems, without moving to a specialied workstation.


Philips Launch Cost-Effective Imaging 2.0

Philips launched their new Imaging 2.0 concept, which provides new integrated technology solutions for both clinicians and patients. The Imaging 2.0 concept is poised to address a dilemma that exists in healthcare today: more consumers are demanding quality healthcare, yet there is less money to treat them. Based on feedback from clinicians, Philips' approach to this dilemma is to enable enhanced and smarter collaboration through advanced technology with the hope of better patient outcomes and lower costs for the healthcare system. Part of these solutions are detailed, below:

• Ingenuity CT: a new CT platform that offers up to 80 percent less dose while maintaining diagnostic image quality and improving spatial resolution.

• Ingenuity TF PET/CT: a hybrid imaging system combining PET and CT to conduct studies in oncology imaging, cardiac perfusion and diagnostic CT.

• IntelliSpace Portal: a new multimodality, multivendor workstation that uses advanced networking capabilities to facilitate collaboration between radiologists and referring clinicians

• Juno DRF: a remote-controlled flat detector system that combines digital radiography and fluoroscopy applications in one system enabling a wide range of applications.

• DigitalDiagnost – ER Wireless: an x-ray system that allows easy manoeuvering for difficult anatomical views and optimizes access to critical patients in emergency rooms (ER), trauma units and recovery bays.

• iU22 xMATRIX Ultrasound: a new ultrasound system that allows clinicians to create two full-resolution images simultaneously

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NextGeneration Ct with IdosePhilips announced the new Philips Ingenuity CT platform, aninnovative technology that it says will help redefine low dose imagi

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