Imaging Management, Volume 12 - Issue 4, 2012

MIR Winter Course

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Seefeid in Austria is the venue for the MIR Winter Course, 10-12 January 2013. The course is an interactive and informative programme which aims to build a practical skill set. The course will be led by professional healthcare trainers from "Inspire Change". Each delegate will leave with new insights and practical solutions they can implement immediately.


Course programme 

Advanced Influencing Skills.
This workshop explores how to successfully
influence and persuade individuals and groups.


Conflict resolution

This workshop helps people understand how conflict arises and the driving forces behind our need to win. To enable us to understand how we respond to criticism and challenges in the workplace we will use a simple psychological model known as Transactional Analysis.


Situational leadership

This workshop explains the key ways to develop your team. Most people who manage teams assume that one good technique will work for all their people. This is not the case and the workshop will develop your skills so that you understand the three most important factors: Identity, Adapt and Partner for Performance.


Motivating your team

What can you do when your team has run out of energy or motivation? This workshop will give an insight into team roles and how the wrong mix can be disastrous. As leaders you will learn how to get the most out of your teams in this time of increasing pressure, stress and change in healthcare.


Writing an effective business case

Many people find writing an effective business case a challenge. This workshop will help you to assess your strategic direction and approach and will give you the basic structure of a new business plan to develop. It will teach you how to construct an effective business case so that you can apply for funds, resources or new people.


How to improve a dysfunctional team

Sometimes we inherit or have suffered a team that is underperforming or performs well but some of the personalities in the team cause great difficulties. This workshop explores strategies for creating a high performing, motivated and functional team.


More information and registration details are on the MIR website:


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Seefeid in Austria is the venue for the MIR Winter Course,10-12 January 2013. The course is an interactive and informative programmewhich aims to build a p

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