HealthManagement, Volume 7 - Issue 1, 2007

Italian Society of Medical Radiology: Presentation of its History and Activities

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Prof. Palmino Sacco

Policlinic‘Le Scotte

Siena, Italy


Founded in 1913, the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM) is a scientific association of which its membership includes the majority of Italian radiologists, counting about 8,400 members at the end of 2006.


SIRM’s aim is to encourage the progression of diagnostic imaging by promoting studies and research regarding its physical, biological, safetyrelated and clinical aspects, to culturally and professionally stimulate its members through developing educational and research projects and through supporting scientific meetings and seminars. In effect, it promotes any initiative intended to enhance the professionalism of its members and to improve the efficacy of radiology within the health system.


SIRM is composed of regional groups which mainly participate in professional activities and in specific scientific sections, of which the main purposes are to spread scientific knowledge concerning diagnostic imaging. The scientific sections cover all radiologic interests: chest, breast, musculoskeletal, gastroenteric, urogenital, neuro, sport medicine, head and neck and dentomaxillofacial, paediatrics, imaging management, etc. Groups and sections organise annual meetings to debate and share knowledge and research activities. In the last years, SIRM has started to organise research groups and to sponsor national research projects, in particular CT-colonography, coronary- CT, contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the study of hepatic focal lesions, molecular imaging and several screening projects. SIRM organises a free biennial National Congress as well as annual courses and scientific meetings. It promotes editorial initiatives and subsidises scholarships and research awards.

Editorial Capacities

SIRM has many editorial activities. The official journal is “La Radiologia Medica’. Founded by Felice Perussia in 1914, it is a peer-reviewed journal and the official organ of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM). The Editor-in-chief is Prof. Roberto Pozzi Mucelli, MD. The journal is accessible in bibliographic databases such as Medline. “La Radiologia Medica” is intended as a medium for the communication of results and developments in the field of radiology, particularly on advances in diagnostic imaging and its allied sciences. The journal welcomes original contributions on both basic and clinical aspects of modern radiology, including diagnostic radiology and interventional techniques, with special emphasis on modern imaging techniques, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiobiology and health physics. A distinguished editorial board and a selection of reports published in the form of original articles, review articles, editorials, short communications and letters to the editor, render this publication indispensable for radiologists and related specialists. All articles are published in English and Italian.


The website was set up in 1995 and has recently been renovated with the following aims that reflect many of SIRM’s purposes: to improve, speed up and simplify communication with members; to provide useful member services; to become a catalyst for continuing scientific and professional education; to provide a space for the study groups and regional groups; to publicise the activities of study and regional groups to all members; to provide patients with information about the nature and purposes of Diagnostic Imaging and to dispel the myth of radiation; to promote the use of the internet, and to improve and publicise the image of SIRM in Italy and abroad.


The official website contains information about the organisation of SIRM, how to join, its constitution and regulations, the composition of the executive council and the study groups and regional groups (and access their pages that are managed independently). Members can access the journal with the table of contents and text of all the articles published; a link to the site; a description of the physical principles and main examinations used in diagnostic imaging mainly addressed to non-radiologists (physicians and patients); a list of links for those who wish to visit the major websites dedicated to radiology and diagnostic imaging; a list of meetings and congresses in Italy and abroad, vacancies for posts in Italian healthcare institu tions and the main scientific and professional documents produced by SIRM in these past few years about teleradiology, digital imaging archive, indicators for the measurement of radiology activity volumes, osteoporosis, contrast media and many others.

Annual Congress

Since the 39th National Congress in Milan from June 10 to 14, 2000 the SIRM Congress has had its own site ( where it posts all the main scientific and organisational information. This site is jointly maintained by the congress scientific and organisational secretariats, to ensure autonomy of content and fast dissemination of the information. In technical and operational terms, the site reflects the greater value it places on the internet as a tool for communicating with its members, following the example of the major foreign societies. More than 4000 delegates participated in the SIRMs 42nd Annual Meeting in June 2006 in Milan.

Author<br> Prof. Palmino Sacco Policlinic‘Le Scotte’ Siena, Italy [email protected] <br> Founded in 1913, the Italian Society of Medical Radiol

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