HealthManagement, Volume 12 - Issue 1, 2012

IT @ 2012 Winners

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IT @ 2012 Winners

1st Place: Successful Development and Implementation of a Primary Healthcare Information System (Presented by Ian de Vega)

2nd Place: Individualised Patient Disease Diagnosis and Treatment through Whole Genome Sequencing and Comparison (presented by Peter van der Spek)

3rd Place: eyeSmart EMR - Intelligent IT Solution for Eyecare (presented by Anthony Vipin Das)


IT @ 2012 Finalists

  • 3D PACS Through Virtual Reality- Sisopacs (Presented by Nejat Unsal) 
  • Bedside Detection of Awareness in the Vegetative State (Presented by Camille Chatelle) 
  • Polytechnic University Hospital “La Fe” in Valencia, Spain- Mobility System to Guarantee Clinical Safety and Optimize Bedside Processes, Saving Costs (Presented by Serafin Arroyo)
  • MyHCL Project, Lyon public hospitals, France (Presented by Cecile Dolla) 
  • A New System for Continual Defensive Monitoring and Rapid Response: Saving Lives and Reducing Costs by Extending Best-Practices in Surgery and Critical Care Across the Enterprise (Presented by Jeffrey Charles Bauer) 

IT @ 2012 Nominees

  • Ágora - Lightweight EHR Viewer (Presented by Juan Abenza)
  • GNU Health: Benefits of Free Software in Public Health (Presented by Luis Falcon)
  • Veneto-ESCAPE Project (Presented by Federica Sandri) 
  • The European Project Renewing Health (Presented by Silvia Mancin)
  • Schizophrenia Prediction: ITAREPS System (Presented by Jan Hrdlička)

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1st Place: Successful Development and Implementation of a Primary Healthcare Information System (Presented by Ian de Vega) 2nd Place: Individualised Patie...

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