HealthManagement, Volume 6 - Issue 3, 2006

European Congress of Radiology,Vienna, 3 – 7 March, 2006

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With a record number of 16,000 participants, the number of attendees at ECR 2006 exceeded al l previous year’s levels. This year’s congress also saw the highest ever number of attendance in lecture rooms, thirteen percent higher than 2005. Due t o high demand, the Foundation Course on Musculoskeletal Radiology had to be repeated. “One of the foundations of ECR’s success is the high quality of its scientific programme, which is made possible by the dedication of committee members and speakers, ”states ECR President Andy Adam.


Year’s congress was a tremendous success”, states ECR President Andy Adam. “I’m very proud that we’ve reached an all time high in participation figures. I would like to thank everybody involved in the preparation of ECR 2006 and the attendees from all over the world. I look forward to seeing you all again in Vienna next year”.


The highly popular technical exhibition also of Medicine. Professor Herold will be the first Austrian president since Vienna was chosen as a permanent congress venue in 1991. “It’s a great honour to be ECR president and it’s very exciting to shape the educational and scientific programme for such a great meeting,” states Professor Herold, “Preparation for the ECR starts two years in advance so a significant part of the programme – especially the educational programme – has already been developed. With regards to the scientific programme we are ready to send out the request for input of abstracts and next  year’s social programme will definitely contain some surprises. I’m very excited about the entire programme because we’ve already received such great input from the members of the programme planning committee and

ECR 2006 Celebrates

Record Participant Levels
Innovation at the Congress

ECR 2006 offered the new service of a digital preview system (EDiPS). EDiPS enables speakers to prepare their presentations, to upload them in advance into the congress venue’s computer system, and to test their functionality right away. In addition, it offers the possibility to supplement to the presentations, check their status, and place them on CD-ROM as well as have them included in eECR – ECR’s electronic congress. The new system immediately became extremely popular among the lecturers. “This extended its success from 2005 and called thousands of visitors from five continents. More than 200 exhibitors showed the latest developments on approximately 25,000 square metres.

ECR 2007 President Announced

Starting from March 8, Professor Christian Herold will take over the ECR presidency from Professor Andy Adam. Professor Herold is the Head of the Medical Diagnostic Division at the General Hospital, Vienna University from everybody involved in ECR. I’m sure ECR 2007 will attract huge crowds.”


ECR 2007 will also continue its efforts on introducing new innovative features. In 2007 there will be an e-learning initiative where most innovative features of e-learning will be made available for the attendees of ECR.


The ‘ECR Meets’ countries 2007 will be China, the Czech Republic and Austria. 2007’s ECR will take place from March 9 –13, at the Austria Centre in Vienna.

With a record number of 16,000 participants, the number of attendees at ECR 2006 exceeded al l previous year’s levels. This year’s congress also saw t

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