HealthManagement, Volume - 5 - Issue 1, 2006


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ECRI Europe

Michael Stewart




ECRI is pleased to announce the Medical Imaging Technology Online Service (MITOS), which includes information about Digital Imaging, PACS Systems, CT/MRI Scanners, DICOM issues and more. With more and more money being spent on expensive devices, guidance on purchasing and performance is vital.


MITOS is the most up-to-date dedicated Web Site on Digital Imaging to be found anywhere. You can search through the Health Devices Evaluations, look up differing models and compare specifications, as well as locating

manufacturers and suppliers of imaging products on an International basis. The MITOS Digital Imaging Web Site has three basic parts:


The Health Devices Journal has evaluated, reviewed and ranked Digital Imaging Technology systems for many years. The Health Devices reports contain evaluations and guidance articles, including the latest Multi-slice CT, combination PET/CT systems, as well as assessments of PACS systems, digital X-Ray equipment, DICOM compliance issues and more.


The Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS) allows you to compare models and specifications together with information about imaging technology, cost containment issues, stages of development, life-cycle costing, device alerts and much more. In addition, HPCS contains generic ‘ECRI Recommended Specifications’ in its product specification charts which can be used for comparison and tendering purposes.


International Sourcebase of Suppliers gives you access to all the imaging suppliers worldwide, with company profiles for each manufacturer. Searching is by supplier, speciality, trade name, country of origin, device type, UMDNS code, or simply using the alphabetical index. What does the MITOS Digital Imaging Web Site give you?


MITOS brings together all three elements of the ‘what’, ‘which’ and ‘where’ of Medical Imaging Technology. Information about purchasing and managing these technologies has never been easier and more convenient. In one place, almost everything you need to know about Digital Imaging is in front of you.

ECRI Europe<br> Michael Stewart [email protected] WWW.ECRI.ORG.UK &nbsp; ECRI is pleased to announce the Medical Imaging Technology Online Serv

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