HealthManagement, Volume 12 - Issue 4, 2012

Designing the Imaging Service

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Dear readers,


Our cover story this issue is on building the imaging service. Prof. Alan Dilani sets the scene by looking at the influence of design and architecture on health. He sheds light on research into the factors in the physical environment that can promote health, well-being and increase productivity and profitability. Anil Shastri then considers the factors involved in designing an imaging department. After this look at the big picture, Alexander Gutu writes about setting up a private imaging centre in Moldova, which involved many challenges in the task of providing up-to-date diagnostic methods in this small agricultural country.


In some countries, the challenge is to fight for resources to update existing equipment. Ashley Shaw and Glenn Pascoe demonstrate that a risk register can be used to show that purchasing up-to-date radiology equipment can alleviate risk, if the risk is graded high.


Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is the topic of a comprehensive overview of the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB)'s recommendations on CEUS in non hepatic applications by Drs. Gallotti, Calliada, Terzi and Prof. Piscaglia.


The recent Management in Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting, which took place in Milan, Italy, addressed the challenges of integrating management techniques into a busy working life. The future of radiology and radiologists was also a hot topic. This edition includes a review of this meeting, which goes from strength to strength.


In our regular Technology Horizons feature, Kaavya Karunanithi looks at the dynamic CT market, which is the second largest diagnostic medical imaging market and highly price sensitive.


There are a wealth of techniques used in industry which can be applied in a medical environment. For example, the cost-effectiveness of a radiology department can be analysed by using the Balanced Scorecard to optimise workflow. Dr. Martin Maurer explains how method can be used to improve a radiology department.


PET/CT scanning offers higher quality examinations compared to traditional methods. However, it is rather cost -intensive. Dr. Giesel looks at one way of improving the cost-effectiveness of this modality by focusing on the marginal costs of FDG (fluoro deoxyglucose).


We continue our focus on different countries by looking at radiology in Japan.


The future of radiology and radiologists is a perennial topic of discussion. It was therefore fitting that 2012 saw the first International Day of Radiology. Events took place around the world to demonstrate the value and progress in radiology.                                           


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Dear readers, Our cover story this issue is on building the imaging service. Prof. Alan Dilani sets the scene by looking at the influence of design a

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