HealthManagement, Volume 9 - Issue 1, 2009

Coverage of Corporate News and Updates

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Imaging Agent to Enhance Scans of Blood Flow

The FDA has approved Vasovist Injection (gadofosveset trisodium), the first contrast imaging agent for use in patients undergoing MRA, a minimally invasive test for examining blood vessels. The agent is said to provide a clearer image in patients suspected of having blockages or blood vessel problems therefore cutting out the need for the lengthy process of x-rays for this purpose.

St. Jude Medical Buys Israeli Imaging Firm

St. Jude Medical has bought the Haifa, Israel-based MediGuide for 300 million dollars. MediGuide develops the Medical Positioning System (gMPS), that uses proprietary technology for real-time tracking of sub-millimetre sized sensors, which can be mounted on needles, guidewires, catheters, or other medical devices used for minimallyinvasive intra-body navigation.

Alliance Imaging Acquires Shared PET Imaging

Alliance Imaging, a provider of outpatient diagnostic imaging services and radiation therapy services has acquired Shared PET Imaging, a mobile and fixed-site provider of positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT).

Carestream Wins Top Prize for Molecular Imaging

Carestream Molecular Imaging’s KODAK Multispectral Imaging System has earned the “Top 10 Innovations of 2008” award from The Scientist magazine. The KODAK In-Vivo Multispectral Imaging System FX is designed to enable researchers to precisely locate and monitor changes in molecular activity of specific areas of interest long before morphological changes can be detected and therefore expediting the development of effective therapeutics for disease treatment.

Ziosoft Receives FDA Clearance for CT Brain Perfusion Application

Ziosoft has received FDA clearance for its CT brain perfusion application. The application is an analysis tool used with the Ziostation thin-client system that aids radiologists in stroke assessment by providing a colour map of cerebral blood flow and other perfusion-related parameters from CT images of the brain. The application includes image manipulation tools and measurement tools such as cerebral blood volume, blood flow and mean transit time.

NextRay Defraction Enhanced Imaging Technology for UNC

The University of North Carolina (UNC) has granted NextRay exclusive license to develop and commercialise DEI technology that creates x-ray images through defraction instead of absorption of x-ray beams. The technology is said to provide clearer and more detailed images than conventional x-rays while also decreasing the radiation dose for patients.

Pegasus Acquires AccuSoft’s Imaging Business

The deal includes ImageGear® and NetVue® product lines. According to the company this acquisition will enable them to confirm their position as one of the most stable providers of digital imaging software.

Philips and Hansen Medical Sign Cooperation Agreement

Philips and Hansen Medical have signed an agreement to co-develop integrated products to diagnose and treat arrhythmias. By combining Philips’ Allura Xper X-Ray system with Hansen Medical’s Sensei® Robotic Catheter System the companies hope to enable electrophysiologists to perform complex procedures confidently and efficiently.

Siemens to Provide Al Razi Healthcare With Diagnostic Facilities

The contract will provide Al Razi Healthcare with diagnostic imaging services including the MAGNETOM Avanto MRI, the SOMATOM Definition CT and the AXIOM Multi M with mobile flat detector reported to be the first radiography system in Pakistan to cover the full spectrum of general purpose radiographic applications from skeletal to thorax, paediatric to orthopaedic exposures. A mammography system, multiple Digital Colour Doppler machines and Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy unit AXIOM Iconos R200 are also included in the deal.

FUJIFILM Acquires Russian Distributor

FUJIFILM Corporation has acquired all shares in Fujifilm Russia, a Russian independent distributor of its medical and imaging products, from Marubeni Corporation. Through this deal, FUJIFILM hopes to accelerate its business expansion in the Russian market, which is set to expand in the coming years.

Philips Announce New Ultrasound System for Women’s Health

Launched at Arab Health 2009, the HD9 ultrasound system combines advanced imaging technology, including 3D and 4D capabilities for use in obstetrics, gynecology and breast imaging. The HD9 system is reported to be durable enough to withstand rigorous use, to increase workflow efficiency and designed for new as well as experienced users. As well as women’s health, the HD9 is also able to cater for applications including general imaging, adult and paediatric cardiology, general paediatrics and urology.


European Congress of Radiology: Product Preview

Carestream Health to Showcase Latest Innovations

These innovations include latest generation RIS/PACS available worldwide in the second quarter of 2009. The new web-based CARESTREAM RIS employs a Microsoft ® .NET architecture allowing flexibility and secure remote access for physicians. The new CARESTREAM PACS claims to facilitate increased productivity with a virtual desktop allowing the faster reading of CT, MR and PET/CT exams through automatic registration.


Carestream’s first ever SuperPACS™ Architecture will also be showcased. This architecture is designed to integrate multi-vendor, multi-site PACS into an efficient enterprise solution.


At this year’s ECR Sectra will highlight its PACS solution featuring RapidConnect technology™, optimised for effective cross-enterprise workflow. Sectra PACS is said to enable efficient workflow whether radiologists work locally or across department or hospital boundaries.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is showcasing its new DR system - Flex- DR C30 at the ECR 2009 in Vienna. The company has remarked that the FlexDR C30 offers a complete digital radiography solution by combining a cassette-less upright receptor combined with a cassette-based system that is cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable.


At this year’s ECR Annual Meeting, PACSGEAR™ will demonstrate enhancements to its document and multimedia connectivity solutions.


MediaWriter™, a DICOM CD/DVD burning system, now integrates reports from DICOM Structured Report and HL7 feeds. Featuring the highly reliable Epson ® Discproducer™, MediaWriter D200 includes an embedded DICOM viewer to create complete and portable medical records. MediaWriter solutions scale from desktop to film room and give hospitals, outlying departments, and imaging facilities DICOM distribution systems that are easy to configure, deploy and maintain.


During ECR 2009 Hologic are presenting their new breast imaging technologies and also holding an ECR satellite  “Integrating Emerging Breast Cancer Detection & Diagnosis Technologies into Clinical Practice”.


New technologies showcased include the Hologic Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis system, Selenia digital mammography system, StereoLoc II upright biopsy system and SecurView diagnostic workstation. Hologic will also highlight their R2 CAD family of products, MammoPad radiolucent breast cushion, MultiCare Platinum prone biopsy table, MammoSite targeted radiation therapy, their line of breast biopsy solutions, Discovery bone densitometer as well as the InSight mini C-arm.

PLANILUX/Gerätebau Felix Schulte at ECR 2009

At this year’s ECR Planilux will present their radiology working environment for soft copy reading and teleradiology users. Features of the new ELTRONO model 2009 include a touchscreen panel for comfortable handling, two separate flexible, and adjustable light sources. It also includes a preset option allowing individual working positions to be saved by the user and established again automatically through a memory function.

Imaging Agent to Enhance Scans of Blood Flow<br> The FDA has approved Vasovist Injection (gadofosveset trisodium), the first contrast imaging agent for u

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