HealthManagement, Volume 7 - Issue 5, 2007

Coverage of Corporate News and Updates

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Siemens Expand Vascular Analysis Offering

New functions for vascular analysis are available for Siemens Medical Solution’s client-server solution for computed tomography (CT), the syngo WebSpace. Syngo WebSpace allows users to access and manipulate CT images via an internet or other network connection. Improved algorithms and additional tools in the new software version aid physicians to more quickly analyse small vessels as well as document reports. For example, computer-supported measurements for stenoses and comparisons of vessel cross-sections are now part of the package.


Matrox Releases Smart Camera/Software Package

Matrox Imaging has launched its Iris ESeries with new Design Assistant, a smart camera/software package. It enables users to instruct the Matrox Iris E-Series camera to intuitively grab, process and display, perform measurements, analyse image data and read machine codes. This potentially eliminates the need for programming and scripting and users benefit from simplified application development.The development environment is fully self-contained for both application development and deployment, and the integrated HTML editor and layout tool gives users more flexibility to create a custom web-based operator view for monitoring the application.


Agfa HealthCare Announces Live Operation of HYDMedia Solution

Agfa HealthCare has announced the installation of its HYDMedia Archiving and Document Management System (DMS) at the Marienhospital in Osnabrück, part of the Management Katholischer Krankenhäuser der Region Osnabrück (MKO) holding, in northern Germany.


ORBIS via the patient interface.The roll-out of the DMS to two more hospitals of the MKO-holding, the St. Franziskus-Hospital Harderberg and the Krankenhaus St. Raphael Ostercappeln, is planned to be completed by the end of 2008.


Study Rates Performance of Direct Digital Over Film Mammography

The Vestfold County Study, comparing the results of a particular digital mammography technology to women screened with film was published in European Radiology in August 2007. Researchers compared cancer detection and recall rates of 18,239 women screened with a Hologic Selenia digital mammography system to the results of 324,763 women screened with film over a two year period. Researchers reported that the detection rate for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and the positive predictive value for cancer (PPV) were statistically significantly higher and the technical recall rate was statistically lower for Selenia over film.


Carestream Adds to Molecular Imaging Product Line

Carestream Molecular Imaging is introducing new large Stokes shift dyes for fluorescent in-vivo imaging applications. The dyes are designed to enable researchers and scientists to maximise fluorescent signal and minimise autofluorescence issues during invivo imaging. Kodak X-Sight dyes will be available in 2008 for preclinical use.


Philips Seeks to Reduce Time from Heart Attack to Treatment

Royal Philips Electronics recently demonstrated its HeartStart MRx Monitor/- Defibrillator, which enables paramedics to transmit patient data from the ambulance to the hospital’s emergency department to help clinicians use ECG data to begin organising its resources before the patient arrives.The HeartStart MRx also integrates with the hospital’s ECG management system TraceMasterVue, enabling critical patient information to be seen where it’s needed.


E-Z-EM Announces Financial Results 2007

E-Z-EM, Inc. has announced financial results for its fiscal 2007 fourth quarter and fiscal year. Highlights for the quarter included:

• Net sales from continuing operations of $36.7 million

• Earnings from continuing operations of $2.8 million

• Receipt of 510(k) regulatory approval for EmpowerMRTM

• Receipt of $8 million follow-on order for RSDL from the DoD


Sales were led by CT imaging products, which increased 8% over the prior-year quarter. Injector system sales were up 20%, while CT contrast sales were flat compared to the prior-year period. Sales of virtual colonoscopy and X-ray fluoroscopy products grew 22% and 7%, respectively. Gross profit for the current quarter increased 10% to $17.1 million from $15.6 million in the prior-year quarter.


Confirma Expands Extensive Education Programme

Confirma has announced that it has awarded an educational grant to the International Centre for Postgraduate Medical Education (ICPME) to develop a new curriculum of continuing medical education for breast MRI. The breast MRI curriculum includes two separate programmes supported by the educational grant from Confirma.The first is “Decisions in Medical Imaging – Breast MRI Analysis and Interpretation with CAD,” a series of online case reviews using CAD to aid the radiologist in the analysis and interpretation of breast MRI studies.The second is a full-day course of instruction and training for radiologists and interventional radiologists, “Breast MR Imaging, Interpretation and Intervention.”

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Siemens Siemens Expand Vascular Analysis Offering New functions for vascular analysis are available for Siemens Medical Solution’s client-server sol

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