HealthManagement, Volume - 5 - Issue 1, 2006

An Open Letter From the European Society of Cardiology IHE Project Group

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Dear IHE-Cardiology Community,


As announced previously, the ESC is planning to perform an IHE-cardiology demonstration during the next meeting to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, between the 3 rd and the 7th of September 2005. During this symposium, three cardiology integration profiles (Cardiac Catheterization Workflow, Echocardiography Workflow, Retrieve ECG for Display) and the affiliated information technology infrastructure integration profiles (Retrieve Information for Display, Time Synchronization) will be demonstrated in real time during a hands-on workshop.


The ESC is delighted to announce that it has been able to engage Dr. Marco Eichelberg (OFFIS, Oldenburg) as the technical project manager for this demonstration. Dr. Eichelberg is very experienced in DICOM standardization and the IHE process.


Over the last few weeks, a number of additional companies have registered as attendees in order to become involved in the preparation for this demonstration. We anticipate that we will be successful in achieving the critical mass necessary for a successful demonstration. Please note that, in order to prepare properly for the demonstration, a precise timeline must be followed. Also be aware that the attendance at the demonstration involves a successful test during Connect-a-thon 2005 in the Netherlands.


The relevant details are as follows:

1.Please notify Prof. R. Simon ([email protected]) of your possible participation in the ESC IHE-demonstration in Stockholm 2005, and the type of system you plan to employ. (This is not final registration, but this information will help us organize the upcoming events logically and, therefore we hope, successfully.

2. Please register with Mr. H.P. Bursig ([email protected]) to join the mailing list of IHEEurope.

3. Having received a ‘critical mass’ of letters of intent, ESC will set up the scenarios to be demonstrated in Stockholm.

4. Register for the Connectathon 2005 in Nordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, April 25-29 2005.

5. Participate at the Educational Event in Norderwijkerhout, The Netherlands, and February 07-10 2005. (You will find additional information from on the European ESC website (http://www.escardio. org) and the IHE website (

6. Prepare all MESA-Tools log-files in the period between February and start of April 2005.

7. Participate at the IHE-Europe Connectathon, April 2005.

8. Participate in the ESC IHE-Cardiology Demonstration in September 2005 in Stockholm.


We cordially and urgently invite you to send your contact address to Prof. Simon and also Mr. H.P. Bursig, who are in charge of the IHE-Europe Secretariat. This will guarantee that you will be supplied with all important information concerning IHE-Europe.


Thank you very much.


With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. R. Simon Chairman

Dear IHE-Cardiology Community,   As announced previously, the ESC is planning to perform an IHE-cardiology demonstration during the next meeting

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