Imaging Management, Volume 6 - Issue 2, 2006

24th Annual EuroPACS Conference

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DR. Jarmo Reponen




EuroPACS have announced the 24th edition of their Annual International Conference. The EuroPACS conference, one of the world's largest gatherings of PACS specialists, has also announced their call for papers for 2006. This year’s annual edition will take place June 15 - 17, 2006 in Trondheim, Norway, including between 400 to 600 delegates from different countries. The conference programme will offer information on the latest and most significant developments in clinical practice, research and education within digital radiology. Norway has a long tradition in telemedicine, pioneering the field of teleradiology services since 18 years ago. Today, nearly 100% of the hospitals in Norway have RIS and PACS. During the conference delegates will have the chance to visit the new University Hospital in Trondheim and have an inside look at their PACS system. They are inviting submissions of abstracts within different aspects of medical imaging and PACS: Integration Strategies, Health Network, Image Distributions, the Electronic Patient Record and PACS, Workflow, Cost Benefit and PACS, Security, Standards and more. A local and an international programme committee will review the abstracts.

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DR. Jarmo [email protected] EuroPACShave announced the 24th edition of their Annual International Conference.The EuroPACS c

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