Many healthcare facilities are committing a not inconsiderable amount of human, technical and financial resources, to the installation and implementation of mobile imaging informatics, providing remote access to exam reports, patient files and images that can be used to speed up reporting, queries and second opinions on diagnoses, as well as to improve access to research and teaching files.  

Association News

Management Issues Crucial to Radiology AuthorProf. Iain McCall:Opening Address More and more, radiologists are realising through gatherings like the recent ‘Management in Radiology’ congress (Budapest, Hungary, October 5 – 7 2006), that they risk the erosion of their profession as an entity if they fail to recognise the importance of good management practices to improve healthcare deli

There are four new integration profiles in trial implementation in the radiology domain in 2006: 1. Nuclear Medicine Image Integration Profile (NMI) with Cardiac Option is a change to the NM Image Profile, improving functionality for nuclear medicine cardiac image viewing. 2. Image Fusion (FUS) Integration Profile specifies communications between systems, creating and registering image sets and systems

The EuroPACS conference is one of the largest gatherings of specialists in medical imaging and digital systems for eHealth. This year’s edition, which took place in Trondheim, Norway, offered information on the latest and most significant developments in clinical practice, research and education within digital radiology. Physicians, radiologists, scientists and healthcare professionals from more than 30

ECRI-AIMS has announced a new system for managing all aspects of technologybased assets found in European and international healthcare institutions. It is a web-browser application, enabling data stored centrally by the hospital to be accessed via a web browser connected to the hospital intranet. There is no client software to install and ECRI-AIMS therefore can be used by personnel at all levels at any ti

Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) have announced that the 21st International Congress and Exhibition will be held in Berlin, Germany, on the 27 – 30 June 2007.   The deadline for the submission of abstracts is January 10, 2007. Topics will include the following: • Medical Imaging • Computer Assisted Cardiovascular Imaging • Image Processing and Display • Medical Work

EU News

Key Role of the CORAuthorIlzeRaath Editor European Affairs [email protected]   The Committee of the Regions (COR) was created by the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and provides a forum for local and regional authorities on issues affecting them. It is an advisory body that ensures public authorities are consulted on EU proposals of direct interest to them, especially as they are often respons

Industry News

A new-generation, highly advanced combination PET/CT scanning device improves diagnosis and treatment of cancers, while being more comfortable for patients than older equipment, research has shown.   The device merges two non-invasive imaging technologies in one ‘open’ machine. While both PET and CT scans are routinely used in evaluating cancer, the fusion of the two types of scans offers adva

At the World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona, Agfa HealthCare made the European debut of the Heartlab Congenital reporting and analysis tool for congenital echocardiography reporting.   Heart defects are among the most common birth defects and are the leading cause of birth-defect related deaths, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). Advances in diagnosis and surgical treatment ha

Alliance Medical, a European provider of managed imaging services, has become the first company in the UK to install Konica Minolta’s Drypro 793 Laser Imager.   Launched recently, this system is integrated into Alliance Medical’s existing PACS system. The Drypro laser imager has a minimal pixel size of 25 um. It is also equipped with a web maintenance function that allows the user a PC on the

Sectra was announced the winner in the category “ISV/Packaged Software Solutions” at Microsoft’s fifth Microsoft .NET Awards. The competition acknowledges and rewards Microsoft partners that have developed the most innovative IT solutions based on the .NET platform. The jury’s motivation was: “Sectra has developed a high-performance system for workstations and servers using streaming technology t

Matrox Imaging is announcing a new module for its Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). “Adding a metrology tool was the next logical step for MIL”, explains Pierantonio Boriero, Product Line Manager, Matrox Imaging.   As part of Processing Pack 3, the latest update to the current MIL 8.0 release, the Metrology module tool measures and constructs geometric features. Users may measure finite features s

GE Healthcare announced that pursuant to its public offer it has received acceptances equivalent to approximately 98 percent of the total number of shares outstanding in Biacore. All of the conditions to the offer have been fulfilled and GE Healthcare is proceeding with the closing of the offer.

Hologic have inaugurated their new European Headquarters,  Service and Parts Depot, and Training Centre in Brussels. The new facility doubles the size of the Hologic European headquarters. This is the second major investment for Hologic in Europe in the past six months. In May, Hologic announced the 21 million EUR acquisition of AEG Elektrofotografie, a privately-held company headquartered in Warstein

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich and Siemens Medical Solutions have developed a method of electronically transferring clinical data gathered at the point of care for use in prospective clinical trials. Through this process, clinical trial research results can be documented more efficiently. This solution offers a scalable, automatic transfer of data between an electronic medical record (EM

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In follow-up to your news piece from Prof. David Norris (Volume 6, Issue 3), this is the position in the UK at present. In 2004, following an extensive review of the science and after carrying out a wide consultation, the NRPB (now the Radiation Protection Division of the Health Protection Agency, HPA) recommended adoption in the UK of the 1998 guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Rad

Cover Story:Mobile Informatics in Radiology

New Ways to Manage and Access Information Author Dr Jarmo Reponen Chief Radiologist Dept. of Radiology Raahe Hospital Raahe, Finland [email protected] The development of wireless networks and terminals has made mobile connections to image archive and communication systems (PACS) a reality. This access is now possible outside the fixed hospital network and even

Our Experience Integrating Mobile Technology Author DR HENRIK GREGERSEN Chairman Musculoskeletal Radiology Section Department of Radiology Aalborg Hospital Aalborg, Denmark [email protected] The healthcare environment is constantly changing. From paper reports and films, which facilitated patient contact, professionals then embraced digital data processing systems, fo

Ensuring True Mobility in Imaging Author Liz Beckmann Managing Director Lanmark Medical Beaconsfeild, UK [email protected]   Mobile imaging is not new; for over ten years, it has been used in several areas, including the transmission of trauma CT scans for on-call reporting by radiologists at home or for emergency referral to a tertiary centre. It has also been use

Our Experiences with Mobile Technology Author Prof. Nevra Elm Professor of  Radiology Department of Radiology Ege University Medical Faculty Izmir, Turkey [email protected] Workflow dynamics within modern radiology departments have transformed with the growinginfluence of information technology, of which the most significant additions have clearly beenDICOM im

Overview of Emerging Trends Authors Dr David Bandon Digital Imaging Unit Head Prof. Osman Ratib Head of Nuclear Medicine Dr Antoine Rosset Radiologict Department of Radiology And Medical Informatics University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) Geneva, Switzerland [email protected] While mobile access to medical data and patient is becoming more widely available, acces


The Evolving Ultrasound Market Author Dr Jim R. Brown Senior Director of  Clinical and Technical Marketing Philips Medical Systems, Ultrasound Beyond the heart, researchers are exploring applications for 3D or “volumetric” ultrasound technology to help improve the physician’s diagnostic and treatment decisions. The following are just a few areas in which ultrasound shows

Practical Guidelines for a Successful 3D Imaging Service Authors Gordon J. Harris Director, 3D Imaging Service Massachusetts General Hospital Associate Professor of Radiology Harvard Medical School Boston, MA USA [email protected] Matthew A. Barish Director, 3D and Image Processing Center Brigahm and Women’s Hospital Assistant Professor of Radiology Harva

Ensuring a Viable Service Authors Dr Hanna Pohgnen Rosalieco Oy Espoo, Finland [email protected] Prof. Hans Blickman Chairman Dept. of Radiology Umc St. Radboud NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands [email protected] Today, the possibilities offered by the digital workplace, such as remote reporting and off-hour coverage mean that virtual radio

ECRI Healthcare Product Comparison Chart

Contact ECRI Europe Weltech Centre Ridgeway, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 2AA, United Kingdom [email protected] WWW.ECRI.ORG.UK ECRI is a totally independent non profit research agency designated as a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization (WHO). Such organisations are appointed to contribute to WHO’s public health mission by providing specialised knowledge, expertise, a

Country Focus:Germany

Largest Single Imaging Market in Europe Author Dr Hans-Peter Bursig Managing Director ZVEI Divison Medical Engineering Frankfurt Am Main, Germany [email protected] Germany is probably unique in that it maintains two separate systems for providing medical imaging services. Although radiologists and other medical specialists using medical imaging technologies operate both in hospital

Profile of the Deutsche Roentgengesellschaft (DRG) Author Prof. Maximilien Reiser President German Society of  Radiology(DRG) Berlin, Germany [email protected] On May 2, 2005, the Deutsche Roentgengesellschaft (DRG) celebrated its 100th anniversary. Founded in 1905 in Berlin, its illustrious list of founding members includes Conrad Wilhelm Roentgen. Today, the society has grown to

Information Technology in a University Radiology Department Author Dr Peter Mildenberger Senior Radiologist Department of Radiology Johannes Gutenberg University Hospital Mainz, Germany [email protected] The Johannes Gutenberg University Hospital is a fairly typical example of university hospitals in Germany. It has about 1,500 beds, serving 55,000 inpatient

The Experience in Germany Author Prof. Dr  Berthold B. Wein Associate Professor of the Department of Radiology Medical Centre of the Technical University of Aachen and Private Practice Radiologist, Gemeinschaftspraxis Im Kaupzinerkarree, Aachen To become a radiologist in Germany, several important educational steps must be taken during and after completion of the study

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Interviewee Prof. Eric Poiseau IT Manager Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Europe University of  Rennes Rennes, France What is IHE Europe and What are its Aims? _ IHE is a non-profit organisation sponsored by professional bodies and healthcare suppliers that gathers users and vendors to address the problems of healthcare systems’ interoperability. We believe that

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