The Cios Alpha C-arm system from Siemens Healthcare will debut at the UK Radiological Congress (UKRC) 2013, 10-12 June. The Cios Alpha is the first mobile C-arm system to use Full View flat detector (FD) technology for highly detailed images during surgical procedures. 
The Cios Alpha offers a completely new imaging chain with the latest FD technology, providing improved sensitivity, lower dose values, higher spatial resolution and distortion free images. Two detector sizes are available for greater flexibility of use during surgery, with extended free space for excellent patient access, direct table-side control and a consistent, intuitive user interface. The square FD image provides 25% more coverage than conventional image intensifiers even during image rotation.
Its versatility in the operating theatre allows the system to be used and seamlessly integrated during broad surgical procedures, from vascular and cardiac to spine and trauma, urology and gastroenterology. Cios Alpha can be operated from a touch screen user interface on the monitor cart, table-side remote or the C-arm. The optional motorisation package, single-touch positioning and electromagnetic brakes enable precise, effortless positioning, while active cooling ensures the system does not overheat, even during extended use.
The advanced connectivity of the Cios Alpha provides wired or wireless integration with hospital networks, while its onboard storage allows for a capacity of 100,000 images, documentation and CD, USB and DVD recording. The system also includes optional advanced applications for optimal vascular workflow, such as an injection trigger, stenosis quantification and abdominal aortic aneurysm live graphical overlay.
“The Cios Alpha is an advanced system for operating theatres, providing outstanding image quality and powerful performance. The flat detector offers incredibly detailed – and importantly – distortion-free images to give surgeons the complete picture during procedures,” states Lynn Blackburn, Business Manager for Mammography, Surgery and Urology at Siemens Healthcare. “UKRC provides us with a strong platform to launch the Cios Alpha into the UK, where it is supported by a portfolio of existing mobile C-arms designed with image quality, operability, versatility and efficiency in mind.
Also on show at this summer’s convention is the Mobilett Mira wireless mobile X-ray system from Siemens, demonstrating flexibility and convenience of use. The system is compact and lightweight in design for ease of use between the confined cubicles of A&E or patients’ beds and motor powered to support imaging outside of the radiology department in wards or ITU where patients cannot be moved.

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X-ray, UKRC, Mobile The Cios Alpha C-arm system from Siemens Healthcare will debut at the UK Radiological Congress (UKRC) 2013, 10-12 June. The Cios Alpha is the first mobile...