Mindray launches ePM Series, the 4th generation of mid-acuity patient monitor

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Mindray, a global leading developer and provider of medical devices and solutions, has announced the official launch of its brand new patient monitor range - the ePM Series - in late January, 2019. 

As the much-awaited fourth generation of Mindray’s popular mid-acuity monitors, the ePM Series delivers an excellent visual experience, intelligent operation, accurate physiological measurements, smooth workflow and comprehensive connectivity options for demanding hospital settings, such as emergency rooms, recovery units, sub-acute units and general wards.

“Integrating decades of clinical insights, our new ePM Series patient monitors are designed to address the monitoring pain points of our customers in sub-acute care areas,” according to Sabrina Lin, Senior Business Director of PMLS Business Unit at Mindray.

Developed around the philosophy of simplicity, the ePM Series brings a smartphone-like user experience. As the first monitor supporting gesture operation in the mid-acuity patient monitor market, it is easy to use without sacrificing any functionality. Efficient workflow enabled by user-friendly user interface design allows caregivers to access common functions in no more than 2 steps. 

The ePM Series is equipped with various Clinical Assistive Applications (CAAs), such as automated Early Warning Scoring (EWS), which helps caregivers identify deteriorating patients quicker and more accurately. Other measurement tools are specially designed for neonates to improve safety in NICU. 

In many cases, patients in mid-acuity care areas are conscious and moving, causing unintentional yet unwelcome interference and false alarms during the monitoring. This could further burden already very busy caregivers, leading the risk of alarm fatigue to rise. 

The ePM Series features innovative CrozFusionTM technology, which combines and analyses SpO2 pleth waveforms and ECG to help reduce false arrhythmia alarms by 50%, and increase the accuracy of heart rate and pulse rate by 30%*. 

With seamless connection to the Central Station or the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), the ePM Series allows continuous monitoring at the point of care, be it at the bedside or on the move.

Inheriting advantages from the last three generations (the 509, PM-9000 and iPM Series), the ePM Series patient monitors are set to create a new milestone in the evolution of Mindray mid-acuity patient monitoring technology.

“The ePM Series well represents our mission – advanced medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible,” said Huang Haitao, Vice President of Mindray.

* Source: Mindray multi-parameter fusion database. 

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Published on : Tue, 5 Feb 2019

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Mindray Mindray, a global leading developer and provider of medical devices and solutions, has announced the official launch of its brand new patient monitor range...

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