Masimo Announces Replica™

Masimo Announces Replica™

Today at the 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference,Masimo announced the release of Replica™, an application for smart phones and tablets that works in conjunction with Masimo Patient SafetyNet™*, a supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system. Replica allows clinicians to view continuous monitoring data for multiple patients, as well as view and respond to alarms and alerts, all from their smart phones, regardless of location.

With Patient SafetyNet, continuous monitoring data are available at a central viewing station. Replica builds on this capability by delivering continuous monitoring data and intelligent alarm notifications to remote clinicians on smart phones. Replica displays data relayed from connected bedside Masimo and third-party devices, such as ventilators and patient monitors. Replica also allows the display of high fidelity data, such as waveforms, in real time. Clinicians can also access up to 96 hours of historical data, aiding assessment of potential deterioration over time. The collation of data from multiple disparate sources in a single location provides clinicians with a more complete picture of patient status at a glance.

Replica features intelligent two-way alarm and alert notification technology, derived from Patient SafetyNet’s existing capabilities, that offers significant advantages over systems which send out rudimentary, one-way notifications. Replica extends Patient SafetyNet’s intelligence by routing and escalating detailed, color-coded alarm and alert notifications to active mobile devices, reaching on-duty and available clinicians. Clinicians can respond to notifications from the app – choosing to accept or forward – and see if other clinicians have already responded. By combining detailed monitoring data with intelligent notification, Replica helps to improve clinical collaboration, promoting informed, timely response and effective clinical coordination.

Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo, said, “Given the high patient-to-clinician ratios common in many areas, such as the medical-surgical floor, there is an increasing need for continuous remote visibility into patient status. Patient SafetyNet, combined with the power of SET® pulse oximetry, has been shown to save lives, reduce rapid response activations, and reduce costs in post-surgical wards.1-3 Replica takes the benefits of Patient SafetyNet to a new level by intelligently and reliably delivering valuable patient data and notifications to clinicians wherever they may be – thus helping them to respond and intervene as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

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Published on : Tue, 6 Mar 2018

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Masimo, Joe Kiani, Masimo Patient SafetyNet™, Replica™ Today at the 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference, Masimo announced the release of Replica™, an application for smart phones and tablets that works in conjunction with Masimo Patient SafetyNet™*

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