ICU Management & Practice, ICU Volume 8 - Issue 1 - Spring 2008


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World Health Organization Reports Highest Rates Of Drug- Resistant Tuberculosis To Date

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) has been recorded at the highest rates ever, according to a new World Health

Organization (WHO) report that presents findings from the largest survey to date on the scale of drug resistance in tuberculosis.

The report, Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance in the World, is based on information collected between 2002 and 2006 on 90 000 TB patients in 81 countries. It also found that extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB), a virtually untreatable form of the respiratory disease, has been recorded in 45 countries.


The report also found a link between HIV infection and MDR-TB. Surveys in Latvia and Donetsk, Ukraine found nearly twice the level of MDR-TB among TB patients living with HIV compared with TB patients without HIV.


Based on analysis of the survey data, WHO estimates there are nearly half a million new cases of MDR-TB--about 5% of the total nine million new TB cases--worldwide each year. The highest rate was recorded in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, where nearly a quarter of all new TB cases (22.3%) were reported as multidrugresistant. Proportions of MDR-TB among new TB cases were 19.4% in Moldova, 16% in Donetsk in Ukraine, 15% in Tomsk Oblast in the Russian Federation and 14.8% in Tashkent in Uzbekistan. These rates surpass the highest levels of drug resistance published in the last WHO report in 2004. Surveys in China also suggest that MDRTB is widespread in that country.


HIV Breakthrough: Protein That Fights Immunodeficiency Identified

A Canada-U.S. research team has solved a major genetic mystery: How a protein in some people's DNA guards them against killer immune diseases such as HIV. In an advance online edition of Nature Medicine, the scientists explain how the protein, FOX03a, shields against viral attacks and how the discovery will help in the development of a HIV vaccine.


"HIV infection is characterised by the slow demise of T-cells, in particular central memory cells, which can mediate lifelong protection against viruses," said lead researcher Rafick-Pierre Sékaly, at Université de Montréal.


The breakthrough emerged by studying three groups of men: One HIV-negative sample, a second HIV-positive group whose infection was successfully controlled through tritherapy and a third group whose HIV did not show any symptoms. Called elite controllers, this third group fended off infection without treatment because their immune system, which would normally be attacked by HIV, maintained its resilient immune memory through the regulation of the FOX03a protein.


COVIDIEN: The Partner in the Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Covidien, together with the medical community, is committed to win the race against hospital acquired infections, and offers a broad solution to reduce morbidity associated with nosocomial infections and specifically those affecting the respiratory tract.


The new generation of SealGuardTM tracheal and tracheostomy tubes, with its ultrathin cuff wall and new tapered cuff sealing philosophy, combined with EVAC is designed to reduce the likelihood of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP). In addition, the new Puritan BennettTM 840TM Plus ventilator system complete with PAVTM+ software, Advanced Respiratory Mechanics monitoring and Advanced Trending and its integrated filter offers a comprehensive ventilation and monitoring package.


Covidien is proud to sponsor the website developed by a panel of European key opinion leaders with the ambitious goal of enhancing education on and improving global awareness of VAP. The VAPAWAY questionnaire is the first ever online European evidence-based educational survey for the prevention of VAP.


Covidien, formerly known as Tyco Healthcare, launched as a separate company from Tyco International on July 2, 2007 to become one of the largest diversified healthcare companies in the world. Covidien creates innovative medical solutions for better patient outcomes and delivers value through clinical leadership and excellence in a diverse range of industry-leading product lines. The Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions division, with an outstanding portfolio of well-established and highly respected global brands such as NellcorTM, Puritan BennettTM and MallinckrodtTM, offers a full range of products to monitor, diagnose and treat respiratory disease and sleep disorders, and provides life sustaining ventilation and oxygen support for patients.


Log on to to discover the VAPAWAY website and take the survey.


Respironics Launches the PerforMax™ ICU Mask and Breathes New Life into NIV

From pre-hospital to hospital to home, from chronic to acute, from invasive and non-invasive ventilation and monitoring in the ICU to respiratory drug delivery systems, the leading respiratory company offering answers for every stage in the continuum of care, Respironics is delighted to announce the European launch of PerforMax™ ICU mask.


Developed to reflect the growing preference for non-invasive ventilation, particularly in ICU and emergency situations where intubation often increases patient stress and discomfort,


The PerforMax benefits are:

Quick and easy to fit

Improves patient comfort

Facilitates the sizing procedure

Reduce Leak in seconds


Those advantages are coming from the unique contour design, innovative headgear system, large silicon cushion, interchangeable swivel elbow for greater ventilator compatibility.


The PerforMax™ ICU mask is an innovative high-technology mask for the most high-acuity patients in the most critical situations.



The PerforMax™ ICU mask will complement the existing product line of ventilation solution increasing the value for medical staff and their patients


For more information: Francesca Martinelli Hospital Masks and Accessories Products Manager

+ 33 1 47 52 30 00

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