ICU Management & Practice, ICU Volume 14 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2014

MicroVision Medical Launches Instant Microcirculation Analysis at the Bedside:

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A New Tool to Quantify the Microcirculatory Effects of (fluid) Resuscitation


Ever since the introduction of microcirculatory monitoring at the bedside, physicians and clinical investigators have had one wish: to instantly have an analysis of the microcirculation at the bedside.(1)


The fourth generation of MicroVision Medical’s Automated Vascular Analysis (AVA) application makes this wish a reality. In less than 5 seconds after capturing 15 frames, the user will be presented results that include density and flow.


User Friendly and Instant Application:

The step by step software will guide the user to obtain high quality images by giving real-time feedback on light intensity, focus and stability. This allows for capturing of high quality patient data that is analyzed reliably.


This latest version AVA is built from the ground up with user-friendliness in mind. The users’ only decision is on which site in the patient to perform the measurement. The algorithms have been completely rewritten allowing for more detailed analysis and improved vessel detection. This increases the level of sensitivity for microvascular derangements.