40th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism

40th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism






On behalf of the Spanish Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (SENPE), we would like to invite you to the 40th ESPEN Congress 2018, which will be held for the 4th time in Spain.

Following the Congresses in Barcelona (1987, 2012) and Madrid (2000), the Spanish Society would like to welcome all ESPEN members again to the city of Madrid.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the main European metropolis. It is a captivating city including some of the most visited art museums in the world and a cultural heritage where history and modernity blend effortlessly together. Its bright sunny weather offers the perfect setting for a walk through the wide green areas in the city or any other leisure activity of your choice. In addition to this, the city´s kind-hearted people are active participants in offering visitors a warm welcome.

With the theme “Nutrition without borders” we want to express our interest to explore new topics in clinical nutrition, in different clinical settings, besides the multidisciplinary and worldwide environment of the Congress.

Working in close collaboration with the ESPEN Committee Members, we have developed an attractive program that aims to continue ESPEN’s effort to improve Nutritional Care and Education. With the occasion of celebrating the 40th anniversary of ESPEN Congress and in order to remember the main achievements of the Society during this long trajectory we will “season” the schedule with some special events.

We are convinced that the program of ESPEN 2018 offers a great opportunity for physicians, dietitians, pharmacists, nutritionists, scientists and nurse involved in the field of nutrition and metabolism to meet and discuss cutting edge science in an informal atmosphere, strengthening old and sparkling new collaborations.

We sincerely hope to meet you in Madrid in 2018!

2018 LOC:
Cristina Cuerda Compés
Mercè Planas Vila
Miguel León Sanz
Sergio Ruiz Santana
Rosa Burgos Peláez

ESPEN Executive Committee
André van Gossum – Chairman
Matthias Pirlich – General Secretary
Zeljko Krznaric – Tresurer

Online programme available here

Topics of the Programme


■ Plenary: Cuthbertson lecture and Wretlind Lecture

■ ESPEN Fellowships symposium, Clinical Nutrition symposium

■ Best abstracts session
■ 7 Oral Communications sessions

18 Scientific symposia

• Paediatrics

• Nutrition in elite athletes. Medals to health

• Loss of muscle mass in immobilization and critical illness

• Protein supply in the critically ill

• Coping with metabolic changes in patients receiving special treatments

• The short bowel
• Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
• Nutrition, allergy, immunity and infection • Nutrition and exercise in the older adult
• Brown adipose tissue update
• Diabetes: cradle to grave
• Nutriepigenetics in health and disease
• Nutrition and the brain
• Micronutrients. What is new?
• Nutrition and pancreatic disease
• Managing the gut microbiota
• Adiposity and cancer
• Environmental contaminants and nutrition


LLL Courses:
• Friday August 31st:

- 15 LLL courses and 1 TTT-LLL course

• During the congress:
- Paediatrics, Renal, Parenteral nutrition,


■ 2 Case discussions: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/ Critically ill septic patient with multi-organ failure

■ ESPEN Guidelines: presentation of new guidelines + two consensus meetings

10 educational symposia:

• The role of obesity in cancer survival and cancer recurrence

• Perioperative care, more than 15 years of ERAS approach

• Best practices to improve the quality standards in nutrition therapy

• Inborn errors of metabolism

• Dysglycaemia in acute patients with specialized nutrition support

• In ammatory bowel diseases
• Lipid emulsions in parenteral nutrition
• Nutrition in transplant patients
• Nutritional management in cystic brosis • Dysphagia in hospital setting

Register online here


• Madrid international airport has 172 direct ight destinations all over the world. The airport is only 12 km from the city centre.
• Subway: is the fastest and most ef cient way to move in and around Madrid. Currently, there are twelve metro lines and three Metro Ligero (tramway) lines. Just by 1 or 2 stops (depending on the Terminal), the subway Line 8 connects Madrid Barajas In- ternational Airport with IFEMA. Additionally, IFEMA is only 4 stops from the city centre. 1 single ticket (with an one hour validity) costs between: 1.5 - 2 and 1 single ticket to/from Airport is: 4.50 - 5
• Bus: Madrid has an extensive city bus network, run by the company Empresa Municipal de Transporte (EMT), which covers the whole city. All the vehicles that make up the EMT eet, 2,000 in total, are air-conditioned. Madrid’s buses have special systems providing access for disabled persons. The cost for a single ticket is 1.50.
• Taxi: There are more than 16,000 taxis in Madrid, so it is not very dif cult to nd one available in the city’s main thoroughfares. Just make a sign and they will be keen to stop! Prices are quite reasonable, considering that a one-way trip from the city centre to the airport is around 30 euros.

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