As demographics shift and change, healthcare organisations and systems are asking how they can attract the millennial generation to their services. They are not the only ones in healthcare eager to find out how millennials tick. Hospital boards are also interested in how the input the millennial generation can offer.

Millennial Nicholas Tejeda, CEO of the Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus in El Paso, Texas has firsthand experience of the millennial perspective. He launched an advisory group consisting of successful millennial leaders. The group helps Tejeda and the team get an insight into this generation and to pinpoint leaders who have the potential to serve on the governing board.

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Tejeda is clear about how to target and attract the millennial generation. First of all, governing bodies

Need to establish a vision that resonates with young people.  “Principles are what resonate with millennials,” Tejeda said in a Hospitals and Health Networks report. “There are a lot of things millennials care about just as much as any other generation did, such as that the organisation has a noble vision and it’s based on serving a community.”


  • Tejeda has also learned:
  • Telling stories form a patient view is a strong way to develop new consumer engagement opportunities.
  • Millennials value speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness in a healthcare provider.
  • Work-life balance for millennials is important to consider.

The group has been key to connecting Tejeda and his team to the views of millennials on healthcare and their decision-making processes.

He adds that face-to-face contact is more productive than reading literature on Generation Y. “We read studies on how they make decisions but when you actually sit down and talk, it is surprising the insights you can get. I think the bigger value, clearly, is just learning from them about how we should function differently for our sake, a hospital organisation.”



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