Novelty vs. Legacy: Finding the Balance

Novelty vs. Legacy: Finding the Balance
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Continuing its series of the DigiConf webinars, brings together a prominent expert panel to discuss the challenges of introducing innovation – technological, clinical, management – in healthcare practice. You are invited to join us online on 30 March 2021.


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Healthcare is known for its slow pace of change, but the pandemic has its own, much faster one. Leaders are compelled to deal with novel solutions, processes and skills, but numerous gaps and discrepancies remain to be addressed.


These matters are explored in depth in the latest – The Journal issue, ‘Novelty vs. Legacy’, to which our panellists have contributed sharing their experiences, success stories and lessons learnt. Smooth operation is hindered by discrepancies of existing and modern technology. Experienced staff is faced with the need to acquire new skills. Investments are necessary to ensure an organisation’s livelihood in the future. How do leaders address these challenges? What approach works best? Should there be revolution or evolution?


After a brief introduction from Mag. Christian Marolt, Executive and Editorial Director at, these and many other questions will be discussed by the panel. During the Q&A session, audience members will also have an opportunity to exchange ideas with acknowledged experts, including:


Prof Geraldine McGinty, Chief Strategy Officer at Weill Cornell Medicine Physician Organization, President of the American College of Radiology, Assistant Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College, Assistant Attending Radiologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Campus (USA).

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Hans Erik Henriksen, Independent Consultant, former CEO of Healthcare DENMARK (Denmark)

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Dr Thierry Klein, CMIO at CHR Haute Senne (Belgium).
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Dr Ursula Mühle, Senior Expert in Health Management, Innovation and Education; Head and Coordinator at Task Force Care Home, Bavaria; Founding Member at  Digital Health Campus (Germany).

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Dr Elikem Tamaklo, Managing Director at Nyaho Medical Centre (Ghana)
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Prof Christian Lovis, outgoing IT Editor-in-Chief, will moderate the discussion. He is also Head of Division of Medical Information Sciences at University Hospitals of Geneva and Full Professor of clinical informatics at University of Geneva, Switzerland.


Novelty vs. Legacy DigiConf

30 March 2021, 16:00-17:00 Brussels Time Zone (CET). The event will be livestreamed, including a Q&A session with the audience. The recorded version will be made available later.


For additional information and registration, please visit: Novelty vs. Legacy: Finding the Balance

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Published on : Mon, 22 Mar 2021

DigiConf, Novelty vs. Legacy: Finding the Balance Novelty vs. Legacy: Finding the Balance

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