MEDICA 2014: ‘Medicine Meets Technology - Technology Meets Medicine’

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The Medica 2014 trade fair will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany from November 12-15, 2014. During the trade fair, the Medica Education Conference is scheduled to be held and will be dedicated to the interrelations between medicine and technology. 

The conference will be addressing physicians, medical professionals, scientists, industry representatives, hospital executives, hospital sourcing experts, developers and manufacturers from different parts of the world in order to discuss the mutual impact of technology and medicine. 

Medica is one of the leading international trade fairs specifically designed for the medical sector and is known to attract over 4,600 exhibitors and 132,000 visitors from across the globe every year.

The topic of the conference will be ‘Medicine meets technology - technology meets medicine’, aiming to provide professional insights on the latest technology and innovations that are beneficial to the patients through various symposia, seminars and workshops. The conference will also focus on the impact of medical research on technological developments.

The German Society for Internal Medicine, in co-operation with Messe Dusseldorf, has designed this conference as an international 4-day continual scientific training. There will be an active exchange of knowledge and experiences involving numerous speakers from around the globe, along with the simultaneous translations which will allow guests to participate in several of the sessions. The participants of this conference will also have a chance to visit the trade show in order to experience the relation between theory and practice.

Professor Dr. med. Hendrik Lehnert, who was named President of the congress by the DGIM and is Director of the Medical Clinic I of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (Luebeck, Germany), stated that this degree of international and interdisciplinary interconnection is seldom found in a continued training event of this caliber. He is confident that this conference concept will deliver high value and insights to visitors, directly benefiting their work in the hospital, medical practice and laboratory.

Each of the conference days will be dedicated to these specific topics:
Day 1: infection and inflammation; 
Day 2: telemedicine and robotics; 
Day 3: gastrointestinal oncology;  
Day 4: interventional medicine. 

The topics of "telemedicine and robotics" and "interventional medicine" will primarily deal with the effect of technological innovations on scientific and medical progress, along with their role in medicine. 

This conference will also provide physicians from various specialties with learning opportunities regarding new, faster, reliable and cost-efficient ways of patient care, based on advanced information technology.

"The program for the Medica Education Conference is designed to bring together all major medical specialties, and allow them to benefit mutually in employing the latest technology,’ said Professor Dr. med. Hendrik Lehnert, ‘In order to profit from technological advancements, doctors need to know which innovations are available for any particular medical application. And on the other hand, to create new innovations technology developers must depend on impulses from sciences and the day-to-day work in clinics and medical practice." 

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Published on : Thu, 22 May 2014

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education, Technology, Congress, Medica, Medica 2014, educational tools The Medica 2014 trade fair will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany from November 12-15, 2014. During the trade fair, the Medica Education Conference is sche

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