MEDICA 2013: 2nd Joint European Hospital Conference Brings Together Europe's Clinical Experts

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Within the scope of the 36th German Hospital Conference in Düsseldorf, the "2nd Joint European Hospital Conference" will be take place on 22 November 2013. Around 150 top decision-makers from European hospitals as well as national and international hospital associations are expected to be there. The event will focus on the topic of the current status of European health and hospital policy hosting speakers from the European Commission, the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE), the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM), as well as the European Association of Hospital Physicians (AEMH). 

High-ranking speakers from all over Europe will point out the status of implementing the “EU Patients' Rights Directive” from the EU Commission's and multiple EU member states' point of view. The Patients' Rights Directive should facilitate patients access to health care services on an international level, including the freedom to choose doctors and hospitals within the EU in its entirety. Thereby, it is necessary to provide patients with a wide range of information on prices and the quality of treatment of all service providers. National contact points will make related information available to patients with regard to exercising their rights. In his opening statement, Andrzej Rys, director for public healthcare systems in the European Commission, will explain the current framework conditions surrounding the implementation of the European Patients' Rights Directive. Afterwards, he will discuss the topic with visitors. On the agenda of the event programme in the morning, there will be additional topics, such as the “Status of Establishing National Contact Points” or the “Preparations in National Healthcare Systems”. 

“With the deadline of implementing the directive into national law in sight, planned for 25 October, the discussion forum could not be more current: The European Hospital Conference is an the inevitable consequence of the rapidly growing significance of the EU for hospitals and healthcare. Hospital decision-makers in Europe need a platform to jointly discuss current and future challenges. The German Hospital Conference constitutes the ideal atmosphere for this purpose,” emphasised Georg Baum, president of HOPE and managing director of the German Hospital Association (DGK). 

The European conference’s afternoon event will focus on “Innovative Approach at European Hospitals”. The use and application of innovations are essential for consistent patient care and is more often than no the only option for treatment. During development and implementation of medical innovations, clinics are of extreme importance. To ensure the innovative strength cultivated in hospital environments, it is required to appropriately provide additional funds. At the same time, the development of innovations pose an important factor to the economy. For example, high export rates of medical products can only be achieved through close cooperation between hospitals and medial product manufacturers. In his presentation, “Decisions on Utilising Innovative Medial Procedures and Medical Products in Europe,” Serge Bernasconi, CEO of the European Medical Technology Industry Association (Eucomed), will point out a current overview of the latest innovations. In particular, the other speakers will further explain the “Decisions on Utilisation in Practice” from EU member states' points of view. The closing discussion held at the "2nd Joint European Hospital Conference” will critically examine the statements made and point out innovative approaches to future inpatient care in Europe. 

Source: MEDICA 

Published on : Fri, 22 Nov 2013

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Medica Within the scope of the 36th German Hospital Conference in Düsseldorf, the "2nd Joint European Hospital Conference" will be take place on 22 November 2013

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