Major Research Project to Tackle Childhood Obesity Crisis

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A significant study will have scientists investigate the genetic, dietary and social factors impacting child obesity.

With childhood obesity having more than doubled in the past three decades, an extensive and long-term research project has been launched in order to identify the reason for this major increase. 

Aiming to to determine possible genetic and social factors influencing obesity in children, a team of scientists will conduct a study that will include 16.000 children from across Europe and span over several years. The study focuses on uncovering the causes leading to some children eating unhealthy foods and evaluates the underlying reasons why children exercise too little.

In a previous independent study, nutritionists have been able to demonstrate that a women’s diet during pregnancy and that of young infants could be causing obesity in children as they grow older. 

Berthold Koletzko, professor of paediatrics and an expert in metabolism and diet at Germany’s Haunersches Children's Hospital in Munich, stressed the fact that fewer breastfed children are overweight and attributing this to breastfed infants gaining weight more slowly during the first two years of life, compared to those who have not been breastfed.

Current statistics reveal that one in five children is now considered overweight and 8% of children obese, hence these studies are expected to provide renewed insights into the nutritional and health habits of the new generation. 

10 December 2013

Published on : Thu, 12 Dec 2013

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Research, obesity, Children, childhood obesity, diet A significant study will have scientists investigate the genetic, dietary and social factors impacting child obesity.<br> <br> With childhood obesi

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