Investment Hints at Future Healthcare Priorities

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In the first part of 2016, patient experience, Big Data analytics and personalised medicine have attracted a record-setting quantity of investment funding, indicating where hospital leaders should be focusing their attention.
According to a report published by StartUp Health, early stage investments have reached close to $4 billion this year.
The finds were invested into 155 deals at seed and Series A in the investment process.
The five leading investment groupings were as follows:

Patient experience ($958 million);
Wellness with ($854 million);
Personalized medicine with ($524 million);
Big Data analytics ($406 million);
Workflow ($328 million).

"Personalised health has become an explosive winner while patient experience maintains strong and steady growth," the report said.
Figures in 2015 confirmed that early stage investments in the first six months were $3.5 billion, with $7 billion the total sum for the year.
While Series A deals garnered more capital, the report said that distribution of investment between seed and series A projects was almost equal.
The report said that this was owing to the fact that seed companies are new businesses and that "companies receiving seed financing are burdened with proving their model works on little capital, while opportunities for Series A funding remain abundant.”
To date in 2016, 450 investors have provided capital to the healthcare sector. Twenty-one organisations have invested in deals.

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In terms of top deals, they came in as follows:

$500 billion deal for Chinese patient-scheduling app Ping A Good Doctor;
$400 million for wellness and insurance company Oscar;
$220 million for Human Longevity, a big data and diagnostics firm;
$175 million for Flatiron, a big data and personalised medicine company;
$160 million for Clover, a wellness and insurance provider.

The report also indicated that an increasing number of genome-sequencing companies and medical device makers are attracting funding. Health-centric start-ups focusing on consumers aged above 50 are also attracting funding,

Source: HealthcareIT News
Image Credit: Pixabay

Published on : Tue, 12 Jul 2016

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