Addressing Consumer Needs in Hospitals

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Findings of a new survey show that healthcare organisations do not have sufficient understanding of consumer needs nor effective strategies to meet those needs. 
The survey was conducted with an unidentified number of hospital and health system executives. Ninety-six percent of the respondents said that understanding patients as consumers is very important  Twenty nine percent of the respondents said their organisation had an insufficient understanding of consumer wants and needs. 28 percent said that they were minimally or not confident in their organisation's consumerism strategy. Only 13 percent of the leaders felt that their organisation understands healthcare consumers needs and wants while 15 percent felt confident that their organisation had a clear strategy and plan to become more consumer-focused.  
Mark Grube, the Managing Director at Kaufman, Hall and Associates says that these findings highlight the need for organisations to take a hard look at their readiness for a more activated consumer as well as their understanding of consumer segments and strategies for pricing, access and experience. "Organisations that lack a consumer strategy will find themselves at a significant disadvantage in the face of growing competition from innovative, consumer-focused healthcare providers."
Source: PR Web
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Published on : Tue, 15 Dec 2015

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consumerism, consumer needs, hospitals, consumer strategy, healthcare organisation Findings of a new survey show that healthcare organisations do not have sufficient understanding of consumer needs and strategies to meet those needs.

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