Accelerating the Integration of Care in the UK

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Net.Orange and Healthcare Financial Management Association UK (HFMA) have announced a broad partnership to help health economies in the United Kingdom implement an integrated care delivery model. The partnership will provide advisory services and technology to help commissioning and provider organisations in the NHS to improve health outcomes, reduce acute care dependency (e.g. reducing readmissions) and realise financial and productivity gains. This will be achieved through more effective team-based care coordination and management of chronically ill patients.


As part of the partnership, HFMA (UK), through its trading subsidiary HCS, will distribute Net.Orange’s clinical operating system (cOS), a real-time, cloud-based data integration platform along with the industry leading population health management suite of applications. HFMA (UK), in collaboration with Net.Orange, has developed a proven portfolio of advisory services focused on service integration, care coordination and real-time decision support. The partnership will also provide analytics application support for managers and clinicians to understand and minimise clinical, operational and financial risk in real time and provide the necessary point-of-care decision support tools to coordinate and deliver care across local health economies. These are designed to improve financial, operational and clinical effectiveness.


“HFMA is very excited about this partnership with Net.Orange. It offers a new approach that will help organisations coordinate care more effectively and it will provide support to clinical and management staff as they balance important resource and clinical priorities,” said Sue Jacques, President of HFMA and Chief Executive of Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.


“HFMA (UK) has a long track record of successfully representing the interests of the finance network in the NHS. Their mission to promote best practices and innovation, and to provide advisory services to help organizations in the UK health economy migrate towards integrated care delivery models is perfectly synergistic with Net.Orange’s technology platform for population health”, said Dr. Rob Beardall, Chief Medical Offcer of Net.Orange. “We are thrilled to be working with HFMA and many of their forward thinking members who have come to recognise the limitations of the prevalent IT solutions. Their willingness to embrace a new generation of cost-effective, real-time, mobile clinical support and business applications using the Net.Orange clinical Operating System is refreshing and will deliver measurable value to them within months, not years, and continue to deliver innovations at the speed of their rapidly evolving needs.”


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Published on : Tue, 2 Oct 2012

Net.Orange and Healthcare Financial Management Association UK (HFMA) have announced a broad partnership to help health economies in the United Kingdom imp...

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