Calroy Health Sciences Designates Andie Crosby as President.

Calroy Health Sciences Designates Andie Crosby as President.
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Calroy Health Sciences announced that Andie Crosby, the company's former Vice President of Marketing and Sales, is stepping into the role of President as the company's growth accelerates.

Calroy Health Sciences is known for its flagship product, Arterosil® HP, a patented dietary supplement for vascular function. For the past three years, Crosby has led marketing and sales efforts that spurred consistent growth for the company.

CEO Ed Hoyt stated, "Dr. Chen Chen, co-founder and Chief Science Officer, and I are excited to announce this important new executive appointment for Calroy. Andie Crosby's decades-long dedication to upstream health interventions paired with her leadership expertise set her up for success in this role. She has long surpassed expectations in her role as Vice President of Marketing and Sales by expanding Calroy's reach and led to unprecedented growth for Calroy. In her new position, she will be empowered to apply her leadership expertise for Calroy's further growth, with expanded scope and resources."

As President, Crosby now oversees the development and implementation of Calroy's strategic plans in keeping with the company's mission and vision. She will collaborate closely with the founders in their mission to address foundational health challenges through science-based innovations.

Prior to her work with Calroy Health Sciences, Crosby served for nine years as a senior executive at the Institute of Functional Medicine, a leading organization dedicated to the promotion and teaching of functional medicine, serving healthcare practitioners throughout the United States and beyond. In 2019, she co-founded Ovation Lab, a leading consulting agency for healthcare innovators, market leaders, and education organizations.

About her appointment at Calroy Health Sciences, Crosby said: "I am honored and excited to step into this role. Calroy's future as a company is bright, and I'm delighted to be a part of it. I'm inspired by the integrity and dedication of the entire team and their wholehearted commitment to advancing science and improving health. With some exciting new products and advances in the pipeline, I see no limit to what we can achieve together."

Source: Calroy Health Sciences

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Published on : Wed, 12 Oct 2022

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president, Calroy Health Sciences, Andie Crosby, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Calroy Health Sciences Designates Andie Crosby as President.

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