HealthManagement, Volume 9, Issue 5 /2007

The Belgian Hospital Managers Association

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Prof. E. Engelbrecht,

President of BVZD-ABDH-BVKD, Belgium

Email: [email protected]

Founded in the early 1970s as a defacto  association representing Belgian hospital managers, the organisation stresses inclusion regardless of hospital status, language group or Community/Region. More specifically, the association aims to:


• Help hospital managers acquire and maintain the necessary skills to run a quality hospital.

• Promote and defend the hospital managers’ status at the community, regional, federal and European levels.

• Encourage interaction between hospital managers.

• Provide its members with legal aid.

• The association may also undertake any activities that aim to fulfill its objectives, in particular by:

• Organising meetings

• Studying problems common to its members

• Providing information to hospitals managers who are members of the association

• Organising relations with various healthcare sector authorities


On 1 February 2002, the association was transformed into a non-profit association (ASBL) with articles of association drawn up in accordance with applicable law.


Further to the association’s purpose, numerous trips have been organised for members to the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and France, among others.


Trips last between 4 and 14 days with many visits to hospitals as well as activities to gain an insight into the organisation and financing of healthcare systems in the countries visited. Every year, two or three seminars are organised that address themes associated with hospital activities. In the last two years, our seminars have covered hospital ICT, and lastly, risk management for Belgian hospital managers.


We are partners of the TYCO Award which is granted every year to a hospital that submits a hospital project with a major impact on the operation of the facility. The TYCO award is organised as a Tyco initiative with 2 partners: The KULeuven Hospital Science Centre and the Belgian association of hospital managers. The jury is made up of professors from various Belgian universities, one representative of the Belgian association of hospital managers and two members representing the business world. From all the hospitals that submit a project, five are nominated and one winner is chosen to receive a 12,500 euro prize which is presented during an official ceremony.


In the context of the legal aid mission, our association also includes legal assistance coverage in its membership dues.


Thanks to all these activities, the association can claim 160 members from all regions of Belgium.


Headquartered in Brussels, our association also actively supports the European association and is one of the founders of the European association of hospital managers. One of our members, Mr. Willy Heuschen, hospital manager in Eupen (Belgium), holds the position of Secretary General.

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