Imaging Management, Volume 11, Issue 5 /2009


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NVZD represents the collective and individual interests of healthcare directors. Their aim is ensuring quality in professional activities and promoting the interests of their 800 members.

The Association focusses on developing and maintaining quality drivers in healthcare. Quality healthcare is key. A voluntary accreditation system has been implemented to ensure transparency.

NVZD, as an association of directors of healthcare institutions wants and needs a unifying and guiding role in the development of healthcare in the years to come. Directors must be seen as proactively guiding their institutions and the development of healthcare as a whole.

The Association holds a conference every year, a national meeting of directors. It is an opportunity to share knowledge concerning healthcare management, an opportunity for training and also for reflection.


A Little Bit of History

The Dutch Association of Hospital Managers was founded in 1979 as a professional association for executives in hospital care. Up until 1996 the directors were mainly affiliated with hospital care. But due to social changes in healthcare such as mergers between institutions and organisations for hospital outpatient care the Association decided to expand their membership criteria to include directors of outpatient care.

This change resulted in a modification of statutes and more strikingly a modification of the name to NVZD-The Dutch Association of Healthcare Institution Directors. In 2004 this was further modified to become the Association of Healthcare Directors as it is today

In 2006 the General Assembly decided association is working to maintain cooperation with associations and universities that that retired members of the NVZD should be grouped in a separate association: Nestores.

Who Can Become a Member?

Membership of NVZD is open to:

Managers of healthcare institutions

Those responsible for managing or directing the institution who are directly accountable to a supervisory body.

Interim managers are not admitted in the association.

Healthy Ambition:  NVZD Policy 2008-2010

During the period of 2008-2010 focus will remain on the individual and collective interests of healthcare institution directors but the main policy is the transition of the NVZD to a reliable and modern association providing knowledge for managers in healthcare.

Activities include the assessment of management training and the provision of legal support while employed and after dismissal. Issues such as diversity and the role and interaction with supervisors are high priorities.

The annual conferences should not only be regarded as opportunities to learn and share experiences but also as a meeting place. They should be used to foster closer relationships through lunchtime groups, peer review groups and regional content related groups.

The NVZD also recognises that knowledge is not only available in the Netherlands but also elsewhere in Europe and beyond. The association is working to maintain cooperation with association and universities that association is working to maintain cooperation with associations and universities that have already contributed so substantially and also seeking new collaborations.

These new directions in policy may seem ambitious and difficult but NVZD is committed to this role and determined to provide optimal support for managers and directors in their daily work and complex tasks.


Professionalisation and promotion of competence is a high priority in NVZD. This is reflected in the NVZD involvement in symposia, courses and individual coaching:

NVZD is the endowed chair of the healthcare institution management department at the Erasmus university. Here, knowledge and skills of healthcare managers are identified and new insights are discovered.

Care for Europe is a programme for experienced managers and health professionals who wish to explore European borders. 

Offered by Erasmus CMDz.

The Management Audit is a specially designed coaching programme based on self-assessment. Its goal is to develop and improve management skills.

Financial Management for NonEconomic Directors is a short and practical financial management course that gives a helicopter view on the area of financial management.

Collegiate coaching is designed for newly appointed managers or those facing major organisational changes.

Meet Mediation workshop trains managers mediation skills for specific conflict areas.

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NVZD represents the collective and individual interests ofhealthcare directors. Their aim is ensuring quality in professional activitiesand promoting the i

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