HealthManagement, Volume 15, Issue 3/2013


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Productive Executive Committee Meeting in Amsterdam

The Executive Committee met for the 96th time on May 24th. The meeting took place in Amsterdam, kindly hosted by our new EAHM industry partner Arcadis.


A packed agenda as usual, the Executive Committee discussed many important issues including how to support our Greek colleagues in light of the cancellation of the Athens congress last year. In an act of solidarity, many national associations are willing to help the Greek association recover from this situation and once again fully participate in EAHM activities.


The meeting also saw the proposal of a new working model for the association: IMPO. Brainchild of Secretary General Willy Heuschen and his assistant, Jos Vanlanduyt, IMPO stands for Inputs, Management, Processes and Outputs. Heuschen presented the model and explained the concept in Amsterdam, which was met with positive comments from both the Board and Executive Committee. The model will be further debated and presented to all members at the congress in Luxembourg later this year.


Other exciting news from the meeting was the designation of the 2016 EAHM congress. After much deliberation between two great candidates (Italy and Northern Ireland), the Board agreed to appoint ANMDO as the 2016 congress organisers. Details have yet to be organised but ANMDO and the EAHM are pleased to invite members to Bologna in 2016.


Other issues of business included an update on the work of each of the subcommittees and the preliminary budget for 2014.

Members of the Executive Committee and new industry partners in Amsterdam

2nd Joint European Hospital Conference

The next Joint European Hospital Conference, jointly organised HOPE, AEMH and EAHM will take place on Friday, November 22nd 2013 in Düsseldorf (Germany) as part of the 36th Deutsche Krankenhaustag at Medica 2013.


The morning session will continue last year’s theme, looking into the European Directive on Patient Rights. In the afternoon, the conference will focus on access to innovation in hospitals.


More information: center List of congresses


EAHM Welcome New Member: Northern Ireland

The EAHM is pleased to announce that the Northern Ireland division of the Institute for Health Management will be joining the association.


President Heinz Kolking and Secretary General Willy Heuschen took a trip to Belfast in May to meet some of the members of the association and assess the city as a possible EAHM congress destination.


Louise McMahon, Chair of the Institute for Health Management Northern Ireland (IHMNI), will take a place on the Executive Committee and European Affairs Subcommittee. Speaking at the latest


Executive Committee meeting in Amsterdam, McMahon stressed that IHMNI is committed to Europe and European affairs and that she is looking forward to a fruitful relationship. The Secretary General said he was happy to once again have links to the UK, albeit a regional association, and hopes this will help re-establish contact with the UK association.


IHMNI will become official members after approval from the General Assembly in Luxembourg in November.


Tom Daly, Heinz Kolking, Louise McMahon and               Willy Heuschen, Louise McMahon and Gerry O'Dwyer also

Willy Heuschen on the staircase in Belfast City Hall       met with Dr. Ambrose McLoughlin, Secretary General Department of

                                                                        Health and Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore in Dublin.

World Hospital Congress IHF Oslo 2013

The IHF World Hospital Congress saw some interesting developments for the EAHM. The IHF General Assembly saw two of our members assigned new roles. Nikolaus Koller (Austria) was appointed Governor and our Norwegian colleague, Erik Kreyberg Normann, was announced as IHF President Elect.


It was a busy few days for Normann, as he was also President of the 2013 Congress, which was a resounding success. Attended by the Crown Prince of Norway, the Norwegian Health Minister and head of the WHO Margaret Chan, the conference gave a truly global insight into the theme of future healthcare.


One session of particular importance to the EAHM was the IHF Healthcare Executives Chapter session: International perspective on healthcare executive competencies. Our Irish representative from the EAHM Scientific Affairs subcommittee, Lucy Nugent, has become the point of contact for this initiative after a recent visit to Washington (see EAHM news issue 1 2013).


During the session in Oslo, Lucy and representatives from the US, Taiwan and Latin America and the Caribbean presented their work on developing global healthcare management competencies. Lucy took the opportunity to present the current status in European countries. The session showed the progress already made since its inception six months ago and garnered significant attention and debate from attendees. Work on the project will continue with the next update presented at the EAHM congress in Luxembourg.

Lucy Nugent and other members of the IHF

Healthcare Executives Chapter discussing

global healthcare management competencies.

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Productive Executive Committee Meeting in Amsterdam The Executive Committee met for the 96th time on May 24th. The meeting took place in Amsterdam, kind

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