The patient-centred care model benefits patients who become more empowered and receive better care. More than a trend, industry experts and policy advocates everywhere have touted it as the strategy that will fix the healthcare system once and for all, according to Richard Kimball Jr., a financial executive with deep proficiency in the healthcare industry and a Fellow in Stanford's Distinguished Careers Institute.

Mr. Kimball adds that hospitals also gain substantial benefits by implementing patient-centred care; these benefits include:

Better financial performance: A hospital system that is guided by the needs of patients and families becomes significantly more efficient. This means optimal use of both material and staff resources, leading to time and cost savings. A reduction in overall expenses translates to additional income.

High level of employee satisfaction: A more efficient system reduces employee burnout, improves staff relationships, and enhances patient-caretaker interactions. All this helps to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Improved retention contributes to high-quality staff, less training costs and decreased expenses due to inefficient practices.

Increase in market share: More patients are becoming well informed about patient-centred care and seek hospitals that employ such a system. In other words, these hospitals become known for the high quality of service they provide to patients, gaining competitive advantage over those which stick to using traditional methods.

Gain in hospital's ranking: Pollsters now incorporate a lot of patient-centred measures when doing their surveys of hospitals and patients. They have metrics on patient-provider communication, quality of relationship, effective pain medication system, sufficient discharge information and improved patient health outcomes.
Improved patient health outcomes: Experience and scientific knowledge show that patients receiving this kind of care are happier, more satisfied, heal more quickly, are in less pain and stay healthier. Patient-centred model improves quality of life, apart from being a profitable business model.

Source: Becker's Hospital Review
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healthmanagement, patient-centred, business model, job satisfaction, cost savings, quality of life The patient-centred care model benefits patients who become more empowered and receive better care.