AIIC 2022 - National Congress of the Assoziazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici

AIIC 2022 - National Congress of the Assoziazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici






The PNRR represents a historic opportunity for our country because it makes important investments available to Italian healthcare, funding never seen in the last 25 years. For the health sector, the National Recovery and Resilience to Mission 6 Plan focuses on two objectives: the strengthening of prevention and assistance in the area and the modernization of the technological equipment of the NHS.

In practice, the PNRR is making funding available to the country and the health sector that will produce radical changes to the overall system of the treatment system, developing an unprecedented acceleration in the digital health and technology sector.

As professionals at the forefront of this sector we see this push for renewal, but we know very well that “buying or renewing” technologies is not enough to produce effective and useful changes, as the period of the first pandemic wave also taught us. As an association of professionals we have for some time placed ourselves in a position of careful observation with respect to a Plan that certainly infuses important resources for the country-system, but which requires great intelligence, planning and ability to look forward so that the great opportunity offered is not wasted. .

This is why we wanted to look beyond, imagine the “after PNRR”.

Hence, first of all, the title of the AIIC 2022 Conference: “ Beyond the PNRR: towards a technological culture in support of health “.

We are aware that only the rooting and dissemination of a real technological culture (in management, organization, complex planning, processes, professions ...) can help our NHS to achieve that qualitative leap that even the pandemic period SARS.CoV.2 has shown us to be indispensable today. We do not need "only" projects, therefore, and not even single "interventions", but a new reference platform for the whole system, which we call "technological culture" capable of connecting as a whole all the elements that make up the health innovation framework.

To initiate and root this "technological culture" we must meet the stakeholders, the political decision-makers, the citizens and above all all the professionals who work with us in health care, and with all of them create the foundations for a new strategic, organizational and professional phase for the SSN.

The health of all Italians calls for a radical change of pace: the AIIC 2022 Conference will show the multidisciplinary, professional and technological paths necessary to make it happen.

We look forward to seeing you at RICCIONE 2022

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