HealthManagement, Volume 17 - Issue 5, 2017

Top management tips from 2017

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Management ideas from leading healthcare professionals has compiled this year’s top management tips from some of our leading contributors for leadership ideas and inspiration. They reply to the question: What is your top management tip?


“Be passionate about what you stand for and humble in leading people”

Andre Heinz

Global Head of Human Resources - Siemens Healthineers


“Listen well”

Karl Brauner

Deputy Director-General - World Trade Organization


“Management is different from leadership! Leadership - have a vision that is shared with your team and lead from the front.”

Andy Rogers

President British Institute of Radiology (2016-2018)


“Remain authentic; see through the noise; understand; make bold informed choices”

Sinead Hewson

Board member European Institute of Women’s Health (Entrepreneur) - European Institute of Women’s Health


“Do not underestimate the effort, costs and time that are necessary to properly train the users of any OAI system, and have these users become committed in making the best use of the system and in contributing to its continuous improvement. In short, consider the most important human factor, which are the human actors themselves.”

Federico Cabitza

Assistant Professor - University of Milano-Bicocca & IR CCS IO Galeazzi, Milano

“Be true to yourself and always put values before interests.”

João Bocas

Digital Health Influencer & CEO at Digital Salutem


“Have Emotional Intelligence.”

Miguel Cabrer

CIO - Son Espases University Hospital

“When having to prioritise tasks follow Eisenhower's matrix. Create an imaginary 4 field table, mapping urgent / non-urgent against important and not-important.”

Christoph Thuemmler

Professor of eHealth - Edinburgh Napier University, School of Computing


“Listen to the junior member of staff. Let the junior speak.”

Edewede Oriwoh

Independent Cyber-physical Security Researcher


“Data is here so search for its insights. Don’t focus on the problem, look for the solution. To do this we need to have a Hackers' Spirit and the pride to overcome challenges.”

Ignacio Martinez Soriano

Data Scientist

“Don't forget your personal life, because although ambition is important there is always a personal life behind. What I know from my own past is that if you get more and more rigid because people don’t accept what you are doing, you may be too hard. Therefore you need to also culture your soft skills, to be human when you are also a pioneer. As a manager, you need to keep an eye on your PhD students. They can have difficult times when things don’t work like they want so you have to keep an open eye otherwise people will disappear and become frustrated.”

Angela Maas

Professor of Women’s Cardiac Health Department of Cardiology - Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, the Netherlands


“Focus on execution. It is all that stands between you and success”

Helmut Schuehsler

Chairman & CEO - TVM Capital Healthcare Partners Ltd.


“Treat people with respect, build trust, demonstrate caring, exude integrity, display dependability and character.”

Thanh Tran

CEO – Zoeticx


“Lead through example and follow up”

Abelardo Vidaurreta

MD, Head of Innovation – salauno

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