HealthManagement, Volume 23 - Issue 6, 2023



Lluís Donoso-Bach, AI & Robotics – Implementation and Pitfalls. 23(1): 1.

Stephen Lieber, Medical Device & AI Regulations. 23(2): 65.

Fausto Pinto, non (Profitability) in Healthcare. 23(3): 138.

Alexandre Lourenço, Sustainable & Green Strategies. 23(4): 215.

Stephen Lieber, The Loyal Employee. 23(5): 301.

Lluis Donoso Bach, Opportunities in Digital Transformation. 23(6): 372.


AI & Robotics – Implementation and Pitfalls

Andras Vargha, What We Have Learnt from AI Development – Can it Be a Feedback in Our Daily Routines?23(1): 12-13.

Geraldine McGinty, Integrative Diagnostics: A Vision for Better Care. 23(1): 14-15.

Elizabeth Cocklin, Vicki Prior, Sean Hickey, Use of Artificial Intelligence in Screening – Benefits, Challenges, and Impact on Patients’ Pathways. 23(1): 16-19.

Josep Munuera, Arnau Valls-Esteve, How Imaging Generative AI Will Transform the Medical Radiological Practice. 23(2): 128-137.


Medical Device & AI Regulations

Agnes Sitta Kijo, Agnès Leotsakos, Anita Sands, How WHO Strengthens Medical Device Regulation as Machine Learning-Enabled Medical Devices Gather Pace. 23(2): 84-87.

Stephen Gilbert, Improving the Regulation of Medical Devices and Artificial Intelligence. 23(2): 88-91.

Elena Demosthenous, Standards in Support of the EU Medical Devices Regulations. 23(2): 92-94.


non (Profitability) in Healthcare

Begoña San José, From For-Profit to For-Value: A Journey to a Sustainable Healthcare Model. 23(3): 154-158

Louise Knight, Esmee Peters, Frederik Vos, Steven Borobia, The Power of Healthcare Procurement – Its Relevance, Use and Impact for Better Affordability, Quality, and Innovativeness in Healthcare. 23(3): 159-164.

Joerg Aumueller, DSO Profitability Fueled by Data-Driven Insights. 23(3): 165-167.

Donna Prosser, Sustaining Innovative Change. 23(3): 168-171.

Arthur Ajwang, Shujia Hao, Tielo Jongmans, Multi-Cancer Early Diagnosis Availability for Patients in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. 23(3):172-175.

Guy Blomfield, The Shift from Gatekeeper to the Consumer in Healthcare Services. 23(3):176-178.

Michael Ramsay, Cost Savings Through Zero Preventable Deaths. 23(3):179-181.

Hans Erik Henriksen, Profitable Future Hospitals.23(3):182-184.

Aaron Hill, The Distinction Between Trading and Investing. 23(3): 185-187.

Alistair Fleming, Healthier at Home: The New Era of Healthcare. 23(3):188-190.


Sustainable & Green Strategies

Simona Agger Ganassi, From a Polluting Healthcare Sector to Environmentally Conscious Healthcare Systems: Actions, Strategies, Actors to Make it Possible. 23(4): 236-243.

Philips, Champalimaud Foundation Collaborates with Philips to Accelerate its Healthcare Sustainability Initiatives. 23(4): 244-246.

Karolina Mackiewicz, Leveraging Digital Technology to Make Healthcare Sustainable. 23(4): 247-248

Ai Lin Tan et al., Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Supporting Sustainability in Healthcare with the Cloud. 23(4):249-251.

Cale Lawlor et al., Health Systems Decarbonisation: The Essential Shift. 23(4): 252-258.

Joerg Aumueller, How DSOs Can Implement a Balanced Sustainability Strategy. 23(4): 259-561.

Teja Kikelj Mermal, International Solutions Reduce Healthcare’s Damaging Environmental Impact. 23(4): 262-266.

Will Clark, Why Climate-Smart Healthcare Must Be a Priority. 23(4): 272-273.

Beatriz Piñeiro Lago, The Journey to Climate-Resilient Healthcare. 23(4): 274-277.

Joshua Dworsky-Fried et al., A Canadian Health Sector Approach to Environmental Sustainability. 23(4): 267-270.

Don Sweete, SNOMED International Contributes Clinical Terminology as a Critical Key to Sustainable Healthcare. 23(4): 278-279.

Aaron Hill, The Psychological Struggle: A Trading Mindset. 23(4): 280-282.


The Loyal Employee

David Koff, No Blame, No Shame - A New Quality Approach in Radiology With Peer Learning. 23(5): 320-323.

Ian Weissman et al., Building a Culture of Well-Being for Clinicians Today Through Community and Leadership. 23(5): 324-326.

Łukasz Bieruta, Unveiling Tomorrow: IT’s Pioneering Role in Revitalising Healthcare. 23(5): 333-334.

Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg, Training with Simulation in Nursing Care. 23(5): 327-332.

Rachel Marie, A Trifecta Approach to Reducing Healthcare Personnel Turnover. 23(5): 335-339.

Lilly Beyond, Healing from Within: The Silent Revolt for Mental Fitness in Healthcare. 23(5): 340-342.

Paul De Raeve et al., Keeping Nurses in Their Job. 23(5): 343-345.

Susana Álvarez Gómez, The Necessary Multidisciplinarity for Common Health Achievements. 23(5): 346-349.

Sylvia Stocker, Passion-Driven Employees Thanks to Robots and AI. 23(5): 350-353.

Jeff Richards, Responding to the Nursing Crisis: Surfing a Tsunami in the U.S., Smooth Sailing in Europe. 23(5): 354-356.


Successful Digitalisation Pathways

Stephen Lieber, HCO’s Using Digital Tools to Rebound from Pandemic, Supply Chain Issues. 23(1): 25-27.

Raffaele Ascione, Carmela Nappi, Andrea Ponsiglione. Radiomics in Cardiovascular Imaging: Current Role and Future Perspectives. 23(1): 28-30.

Peter Mildenberge, Why Should Radiologists Care about IT Standards and Interoperability? 23(1): 31-33.

Mario Ledesma, New Public Procurement Specifications and Flows with Public-Private Collaboration. 23(1): 34-36.

Jens Declerck, Dipak Kalra, Geert Thienpont, Health Data Quality: A Dynamic Complexity. 23(1): 37-39.

Inga Shugalo, Why Adopt Population Health Management Software. 23(1): 44-45.


Digital Transformation

Henrik Agrell, Trends in Telemedicine.23(1): 20-23.

Jan Vekemans, The Patient Is the DATA. 23(1): 40-43.

Penny Pinnock, Growing Pressures Driving the Shift to Healthcare Digitalisation 23(2): 97-99.

Joerg Aumueller, Digitisation for DSOs .23(2): 100-102.

Gabriella M.Racca, Digital Transformation in Healthcare Procurement. 23(2): 103-105.

Taner Ozcan, Revolutionising Medicine: The Power of Digital Algorithms in Healthcare. 23(2): 106-109.

Attilio Tulimiero, In the Age of CO-ERA: How Essential is the Human Role in the New AI World? 23(3):209-211.


Governance and Leadership

Danny Havenith, Healthcare Procurement in 2023: Let’s Shape the Beginning from the End! 23(1): 52-53.

Rita Veloso, Women Leadership in Healthcare – Time to Walk the Talk. 23(1): 54-57.

J. Antônio Cirino, Managing Hospital Communication. 23(1) : 58-59.

Thomas Jäschke, Business Continuity Management in Medical Technology: Ensuring Uninterrupted Healthcare Services. 23(2):120-122.

Susana Álvarez Gómez, Effective Management in Times of Health Crisis. 23(2): 123-125.

So-Yung Straga, Shaping the Future of Healthcare: The Essential Role of Patient. 23(3):198-199.

Jeff Ernste, How To Navigate Healthcare Background Checks and Compliance. 23(3):200-201.


Managing Efficiently Future Pandemics

Francesca Colombo, Gaetan Lafortune, Noémie Levy. Health at a Glance Europe 2022: Addressing Legacies from the Pandemic. 23(1): 61-64.


Cybersecurity: Preventing the Worst-Case Scenario

Christodoulos Papadopoulos, Shifting from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience. 23(1): 47-50.


Medical Imaging

Emilia Zampella, Michele Klain. Radionuclide Therapy in Paediatric Patients.23(2): 111-112.

United Imaging Healthcare, Latest Advances in MRI. 23(2): 79-80.

Valeria Gaudieri, Alberto Cuocolo, Central Role of Nuclear Medicine in Personalised Medicine.22(3):116-117.

Mindray, Mindray Resona R9 Platinum Edition – A new leap for precision ultrasound. 23(2) 81-82.

Alessandro Roncacci, Stéphane Maquaire. One Ring to Rule Them all in AI. 23(2): 113-115.

United Imaging Healthcare, Global Medical Health: Advancing Diagnostic Excellence. 23(3):151-152.

Christian Kollmann, AI in Ultrasound: Can I Trust it? 23(3):193-195.

United Imaging Healthcare, A New Era of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Through Innovation. 23(4): 230-232.

Marc Lobbes, Benefits of Contrast-Enhanced Mammography for Supplemental Screenings. 23(4): 233-234.

United Imaging Healthcare, High-Resolution Digital PET/CT - uMI Vista at St. Orsola University Hospital. 23(5): -315

Athina Vourtsis, Implications of Breast Density on Cancer Screening. 23(5): 316-315.

United Imaging Healthcare, United Imaging’s uMR Omega Revolutionises MRI at Military Clinical Hospital, Ełk. 23(6): 382-383.

Charles Niehaus, Elevating Healthcare: Affidea’s Commitment to Patient Safety. 23(6): 395-396.


Decision Support

Tamara Biedermann, Josep M Picas, Elena Puigdevall. In a Quest for a Better Assessment Tool in a High Growth Environment: BSC for Integrated Health Care and Social Organisation. 23(3):204-207.



John Nosta, The Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Medicine: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Elevate Care and Job Satisfaction. 23(4): 284-286.

Henrique Martins et al., Towards the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format: XpanDH Project Support and Risks of a Delayed Regulation on the EHDS. 23(4): 287-293.

Inga Shugalo, How to Select a BI Solution for Your Healthcare Practice: A Five-Step Guide. 23(4): 294-295.

Frederico Sáragga, Portugal et al., Stepping Stones for Healthcare Metaverse – An Overview of AR and VR Applications. 23(5): 358-368.


Affordability & Value

Patrick PT Jeurissen, What Does For-Profit Ownership Imply for Hospital Management Sciences? 23(4): 297-300.


Opportunities in Digital Transformation

Isabel Page, Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Leadership. 23(6): 385-388.

Montserrat Codina, Jaume Ribera, How Role Play Advances Innovation/Digital Transformation Adoption. 23(6): 389-393.

Oliver Kimberger, Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Understanding Changes and Impact. 23(6): 398-400.

Josep Vilalta Marzo, Interoperability and Healthcare: Key Aspects, Pitfalls and Evolution. 23(6): 401-412.


Clinical Care Management

Penilla Gunther, Prioritising Patient Safety and Combatting Fatigue in Healthcare. 23(6): 414-418.