HealthManagement, Volume 14 - Issue 2, 2014

KLAS Research - PACS Technology - New Versions Stepping Up?

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KLAS Research
Orem, UT USA


The PACS market globally is at various stages. In some parts of the world healthcare providers are buying PACS for the first time, for example in the Middle East and parts of Asia. Elsewhere, healthcare providers are replacing or upgrading their PACS systems.


KLAS Research has released a performance report on new versions of PACS, PACS Technology 2013: New Versions Stepping Up?


The vendor products surveyed are Agfa HealthCare, Avreo, Carestream, Cerner, DR Systems, FUJIFILM, GE Healthcare, INFINITT, Intelerad, McKesso n. Merge Healt hc are, Novarad, Philips, Sectra and Siemens. The full data is based on interviews from more than 1,100 healthcare providers in the United States.


Providers reported consistently good experiences with INFINITT, but KLAS notes that INFINITT has fewer installations in larger hospitals (>200 beds). DR Systems also received praise in all sizes of hospitals.


Recent versions from Agfa, INFITT and Sectra showed improved scores compared to their legacy versions, while newer versions from Cerner, McKesson and Siemens gave concern to their clients, who mentioned long waits for upgrades.


DR Systems and Avreo scored well as innovators, although Avreo has few customers in hospitals with more than 200 beds.

About KLAS Research

KLAS works with over 30,000 people in 5,000 hospitals and nearly 3,000 ambulatory organisations. KLAS sources its information predominantly from the United States. For the PACS data included above, data from outside the USA made up less than 10% of the surveys. KLAS conducts just under 30,000 interviews a year. Provider interviews are conducted at director level and above. Each respondent answers a standard set of questions that require a numeric answer (one-to-nine scale) or a yes/no answer. All evaluations are followed up with a confidential interview, which allows detailed follow up on scores.

Author:KLAS Research Orem, UT USA +1-800-920-4109 ARE NEW VERSIONS LIVING UP TO THEIR PROMISE? The PACS market globally is at vari

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