HealthManagement, Volume 20 - Issue 5, 2020


During these challenging times, Canon Medical Systems has continued to provide high quality support to its customers and partners. Jack Hoogendoorn, European Director Marketing, provides an overview of the solutions offered by Canon during the COVID-19 crisis.

We are all experiencing challenging times due to the Coronavirus, which is still spreading around the world. Just like everybody else, we at Canon Medical Systems have had to adjust to the situation to ensure we can continue to provide high quality support to our customers and partners, so they can provide the best care possible to those who need it most: the patients. Jack Hoogendoorn, European Director Marketing at Canon Medical, tells a bit more about the solutions that the company has made available. Some of them were developed at an extremely rapid pace during the COVID-19 crisis.

Healthcare has clearly undergone a complete change in recent months. Old ways of working are obsolete, long waiting lists have arisen for regular care patients with the need for critical treatments, which only increases the workload for the hospital. In addition, investments are postponed or are under an enormous pressure. It is abundantly clear that it is now an absolute necessity to prepare for working in the new (imaging) reality. A reality where patients are optimally protected, risks are minimised and resources optimised.

Canon Medical is committed to helping medical specialists on their journey to a new reality by offering:

- Solutions to increase Workflow.

- Practical and flexible Rental and Mobile Solutions that are immediately ready for use.

- Customer Tailored Solutions; and

- Remote Service Solutions.

Workflow Solutions

An efficient workflow is necessary in every hospital and clinic, now even more than ever before. Workflows can be optimised with our image interpretation solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. It improves workflow for physicians and technologists involved in diagnostic imaging and imaging examinations, and contributes to provision of efficient healthcare.

Rental and Mobile Solutions

To bridge the new equipment installations or temporary high workloads, Canon Medical provides static rental or mobile clinical solutions. The fleet of mobile imaging trailers is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. All that is required to take advantage of a mobile solution is sufficient parking and power facilities. Canon Medical Mobile Solutions are designed with patient comfort in mind. The wide bore provides a non-claustrophobic experience for the patient. The mobile scanners are equipped with a large changing room, ensuring patient privacy, whilst a secure locker is provided for patients’ valuables. As I mentioned at the beginning, we rapidly developed a solution that can play a critical role in managing patients under emergency conditions with unusually high workloads or in infection control situations. With the new CT Scan Unit, we provide a deployable imaging solution that enables uncompromising workflow and imaging performance as well as personal safety anywhere and anytime.

Customer Tailored Solutions

Canon Medical is known as a flexible partner that supports professionals on the way to the new normal. Some of our country offices have created special offers that are individually tailored to clinical, operational and financial needs. This ensures clearly defined goals and completely transparent processes from the first day of our partnership. If requirements change over time, we will jointly adapt technology to our customer’s needs.

Remote Service Solutions

Social distancing is one of the important givens in the new reality. With our InnerVisions remote diagnostics, we ensure that our highly trained engineers or application specialists, who can monitor our customers’ systems remotely and assist our local engineers in preventing problems, resolve most of the calls remotely. All without the need for an engineer to attend on site and all without interrupting the essential flow of patient care.

The above-mentioned solutions are just a small selection of the solutions available for healthcare professionals. All are developed with the Made for Life philosophy in mind: Made for patients. Made for partnerships. Made for you. And I invite you to have a look at our solutions and discover what our customers say by visiting Canon Medical’s dedicated COVID-19 webpage:

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