HealthManagement, Volume 23 - Issue 5, 2023

High-Resolution Digital PET/CT - uMI Vista at St. Orsola University Hospital

World-renowned St. Orsola University Hospital (Policlinico di Sant’Orsola) integrates the cutting-edge High-Resolution Digital PET/CT - uMI Vista from United Imaging into their comprehensive Medical Oncology Unit.


United Imaging Healthcare Europe proudly announces that world-renowned St. Orsola University Hospital (Policlinico di Sant’Orsola) has recently decided to integrate the cutting-edge High-Resolution Digital PET/CT - uMI Vista into their comprehensive Medical Oncology Unit.


Founded in 1592 as the first hospital in the city of Bolonia, St. Orsola University Hospital is home to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bologna, the oldest University in the World. This impressive institution, organised into nine departments, including 87 operative units, has gradually grown to become the largest district general hospital in Italy, with approximately 1515 beds and 6,807 employees. Every year, as many as 49,000 hospitalisations and 3,300,000 specialist external services are carried out. St. Orsola University Hospital has earned worldwide acclaim for its extensive expertise in the field of transplantology and oncology. In 2003, The Medical Oncology Operational Unit was recognised as the “European Center of Excellence” by the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).



In addition to being a high-capacity treatment centre, St. Orsola University Hospital is a prolific research facility, employing a dedicated team of 1,076 researchers. The decision to rely on the uMI Vista, a state-of-the-art positron emission tomography–computed tomography, reflects St. Orsola University Hospital’s dedication to offering patients the diagnostic process of the highest standard.


The uMI Vista digital PET-CT system is integrated with 24cm wide AFOV, the industry’s finest LYSO crystal technology of 2.76x2.76mm with the unique combination of Integrated-Light-Guide PET detector technology and fine 303ps TOF performance. This system is equipped with a 160-slice CT system with the fastest rotation time of 0.3 seconds and isotropic resolution of 0.25mm, the best in the industry. This rich technology combination sets a completely new standard in molecular imaging. This system is also integrated with artificial intelligence deep learning reconstruction in PET imaging. The fine crystal technology results in high definition-functional images with exceptional anatomical structure differentiation and visualisation, and significant improvement in levels of diagnostic precision in the fields of oncology, neurology, and cardiology imaging.


The uMI Vista digital PET-CT leverages a range of technological advancements, all geared towards ensuring unprecedented imaging possibilities. The wider AFOV and AI-based DPR in PET results in a whole-body FDG PET-CT scan in 5 minutes with superior high-resolution image quality and accuracy.


With the remarkable 1024x1024 Reconstruction Matrix option in PET, this system results in high spatial resolution PET images by enabling the visualisation of small anatomical details and the detection of lesions as small as 2mm. This system is also equipped with the HYPER Iterative algorithm that improves signal-to-noise ratio and contrast recovery to aid lesion detectability and quantitative accuracy.


This uMI Vista is also integrated with the 70kV Scan Mode in CT, especially designed for paediatric, children and low BMI patients. This advanced feature enables a reduction in CT radiation dose while enhancing image contrast. The 70kV Scan Mode stands as a prime example of innovative technology that minimises patient radiation exposure, enhancing image contrast without compromising diagnostic quality. uMI Vista has been meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of comprehensive treatment centres. Its carefully planned modular structure ensures exceptional system reliability and serviceability, capable of seamlessly handling the high volume patient throughput.


The uMI Vista stands at the forefront of medical technology, seamlessly combining PET and CT technologies to deliver patients an unparalleled level of precision and safety in diagnostics. Furthermore, the uMI Vista provides support to medical professionals during molecular imaging, optimising workflow efficiency.


United Imaging Healthcare Europe is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with the internationally acclaimed St. Orsola University Hospital aimed at enhancing accessibility to cutting-edge molecular imaging services. This collaboration will positively impact the experiences of thousands of patients admitted to the hospital, who will now benefit from the ability to receive highly accurate diagnoses and, subsequently, tailored treatment plans, ensuring the highest quality of care.


About United Imaging Healthcare

United Imaging Healthcare was founded in 2011 with a commitment to provide high-performance medical imaging products, radiotherapy equipment, life science instruments, and intelligent digital solutions to global customers. With a mission “ To Bring Equal Healthcare for All” and a vision to “lead healthcare innovation”, United Imaging is continuously devoted to creating more value for its customers and improving the accessibility of high-end medical equipment and services worldwide through close collaborations with hospitals, universities, research institutions, and industry partners.


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Point-of-View - United Imaging Healthcare High-Resolution Digital PET/CT - uMI Vista at St. Orsola University Hospital

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