HealthManagement, Volume 17 - Issue 4, 2017

Assistant Professor,University of Milano-Bicocc a & IRCCSIO Galeazz i, Milano, Italy


 Do not underestimate the effort, costs and time that are necessary to properly train the users of any OAI system, and have these users become committed in making the best use of the system and in contributing to its continuous improvement. In short, consider the most important human factor, which are the human actors themselves. 

What would you single out as a career highlight?


Having a viewpoint published in JAMA. It is not just the academic achievement perse; rather it is the satisfaction as a computer engineer of having succeeded in creating a bridge between the computer scientists and the medical community, in having medical doctors understand the implications of taking AI seriously instead of heedlessly, and in contributing in making some concepts more popular It was also rewarding to see the article become one of the most discussed and shared ones on the social media.