HealthManagement, Volume 18 - Issue 4, 2018

Abbott – a trusted partner

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Paul Jülicher 
Director International
Health Economics & Outcomes Research,
Abbott Diagnostics

Matt Sawtell 
General Manager Nordics,
Abbott Diagnostics

Unleashing the value of IVD testing

The value of in vitro diagnostic services is like beauty – it's very much in the eye of the beholder. From a community perspective, we want to pay for better health, not better healthcare, but accomplishing this goal requires investment in the right tools and services. With IVD results guiding at least 60-70 percent of clinical decisions, there is clearly a role for the laboratory in improving population health, but a poor understanding of what and when to test leads to both over and under testing, undermining this value. Laboratories need to be proactive in addressing this, working with clinical staff to ensure that test requests are both appropriate and clinically indicated, and that the resulting information is meaningful and actionable. This two-way communication is essential to both the continuous improvement of patient management and the reduction of healthcare costs, but it is also vital that we measure the effects of testing on patient outcomes. Unfortunately, if we can’t demonstrate and quantify how IVD contributes to overall healthcare goals, we may not get a seat at the table, meaning budgets will be set without the perspectives or insights the laboratory can offer. Paul Jülicher

Partnering for better patient care

Changing the way pathology services operate is vital to meet current health and economic challenges, but people, and therefore healthcare organizations, are inherently resistant to change. This can make it difficult to restructure services to meet evolving needs or, in many cases, even recognize and agree what changes are required. To deal with the growing demand for diagnostic testing, pathology needs to be better integrated with other healthcare services, helping to improve test ordering behaviors, manage demand on services and ensure the results of testing lead to better patient care. Understanding how laboratory services are currently perceived, and assessing current performance according to measurable goals, are the first steps in this process, and working with a trusted partner outside of your organization can be invaluable to ensure an unbiased assessment, as well as offering insights into improving laboratory practices based on knowledge of other healthcare organizations or industries. Abbott has a wealth of experience across the global healthcare markets, and is committed to helping its customers achieve measurably better healthcare performance. Matt Sawtell

Really a lot to think about - taking our labs to the future.

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