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The financial crisis was a blessing for our health systems. It forced European policymakers and politicians to take more decisive action on key issues. It became clear that healthcare is not only about money (I strongly believe that there is still a potential of up to 30% in gains/savings) but about sincere structural problems in our foundations, and our unwillingness to free healthcare from political infl


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The new global healthcare landscape HBI 2018 focused on problems around building capacity, reaching out to new customers and deploying new solutions around digital health and artificial intelligence. Healthcare Business International’s annual conference is the only CEO-level event focused on private healthcare services, bringing together providers, investors and payors from across Europe and emerging


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Providing value-based care will be one of the driving forces in the future as highlighted by Siemens Healthineers professionals Dr. Ghada Trotabas, Dr. Arthur Kaindl, and Dr. Jonathan Darer at Healthcare Business International (HBI) 2018. The biggest challenge facing healthcare is the need to improve value for patients. Healthcare systems today are struggling with rising costs and varying quality. Mos

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Healthcare companies must evolve to help providers face the challenge of an ageing and growing population suffering from the increased incidence and diversity of chronic disease. We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the demand and definition for value-based healthcare, and it is no secret that this has resulted from the daunting task that healthcare providers face―doing more with less resource. To

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Affidea Group is a leading healthcare services provider with over 7500 professionals performing almost 13 million examinations each year. Affidea is recognised for its superior medical technology platform, scale efficiencies, internationally awarded medical excellence and its continued expansion into new ways to create value as an integrator provider for healthcare stakeholders. Affidea Group, the lead

Management Matters

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With the advent of smart hospitals, the digital future of clinical medicine calls for a new ethical framework. Fact: whether you like digital medicine or not—it is already here. Also true: facts do not hold normative power—the presence of breathtaking technological progress A is by no means a pro-ethical argument to use A. Artificial intelligence (AI) emerges, medicine transforms, and then clinics,

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Lifebank has developed crucial infrastructure in Nigeria, enabling the efficient transportation and storage of blood, saving thousands of lives. HealthManagement editor Marianna Keen spoke to CEO and founder Temie Giwa-Tubosun about her journey. To what degree has the blood shortage in Nigeria been tackled so far, due to the work of LifeBank? It’s a very small degree to be perfectly honest. It’s

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Streamlining regulation for better healthcare outcomes Rationalising product registration approval by health companies and government regulatory agencies to facilitate improved disease diagnosis and care of patients by healthcare practitioners. In every aspect of life, being strategic is very important. This is a common word used mainly by businesses with an underlying per

Cover Story: Emerging markets

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Can the vision of emerging markets transfer to developed countries for better healthcare? From the mobile banking revolution and use of healthcare drones in Africa to production-line surgery in India, emerging markets embrace tech innovation with speed and boldness that developed markets only dream of. The reasons are many including a lack of infrastructure and regulations, factors that lend themselves to

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Alliar’s innovative business model and IT systems mean that patients in remote locations have access to standardised, high-quality exams in any of its patient centres across Brazil. Intro: Parauapebas Parauapebas is a small town located in north Brazil, next to the Amazon rainforest. It sits 2,000 km away from São Paulo, the country’s largest city and the headquarters for Alliar Médicos à Fr

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A look at innovations in harnessing voluntary and contributory micro health insurance to finance universal health coverage in the informal sector. Everybody spends money on healthcare; some people pay negligible amounts, and others pay exorbitant and impoverishing sums. In a perfect world, everyone should have protection against the excessive costs, and this is what health insurance (HI) can do. However,

healthcare model, South Africa, integration, wellness

Primary care and wellness centres, dedicated units for sub-acute care and rehabilitation, as well as ambulatory day surgery centres, are key components of the Intercare Group’s healthcare model in South Africa. The patient-centred organisation structures its services around the health status and needs of a patient and not merely the traditional levels of care. It represents a transition from the outd

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Solving the waste issue of unused equipment in African hospitals Managed Equipment Services (MES) is an innovative way of tackling the problem of wasted medical equipment stock in sub-Saharan Africa. In healthcare, the private sector is increasingly working with governments to address the needs of health systems. This collaboration can take many different forms, from simple public sector outsourcing of

drones, healthcare, Africa,

The African healthcare context is uniquely placed to adopt and benefit from drone technology. In the past decade, the possible use of drone technology in various sectors of the economy has become increasingly likely. As with most new technologies, drones are seen as a double-edged sword. Their most high-profile use has been in a military context, which often couches the discussion around this technolog

Ayushman Bharat, National Health Protection Mission, AB-NHPM, India

Effective implementation of Ayushman Bharat - India’s National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM) will largely depend on ensuring that the package of services prioritised under the National Health Protection Scheme is based on community needs, evidence-based, well governed and inclusive. There is arguably no aspect of social policy more complex or controversial in today’s world than how a country

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A snapshot of activity in and impact of emerging markets.

Winning Practices

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What could the new data protection law mean for health sector leaders? The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on 25 May 2018, replacing the 1995 Data Protection Directive. Directly binding and applicable in all EU states, the GDPR aims to protect the data and privacy of the European population by giving control back to citizens and to make the regulatory envir

eHealth, Ireland, AI, sustainability, patient voice

Where is eHealth in Ireland heading and where could it lead us? Examining the state of eHealth, its challenges and opportunities at the European Association of Hospital Managers congress in Dublin. With digital innovations dramatically transforming every layer of the healthcare landscape, intensive discussions are required to manage the direction that digitalisation takes. With a view on tackling th

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Do AI and machine learning herald the end of radiology? I could answer in one word: Yes. But HealthManagement has given me 700 and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to expand my hypothesis. I might as well start with the “elephant in the room”. How many radiologists cringed when they read President Obama’s assertion that “radiologists are losing their jobs to AI” (Remnick 2016). As f

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Discusses the important roles of radiographers in imaging research, and highlights some essential considerations for establishing a research culture, and fostering clinical research. The invitation to write this article followed my participation in a very interesting session at this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR). This session was developed by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) Rese

European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, EIBIR, imaging, radiology, research, EU, Europe

The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, EIBIR, supports researchers and industry partners in the coordination of biomedical imaging research throughout Europe and beyond, relieving researchers of the administrative burden, and allowing them to focus on the scientific aspects, ensuring the best possible outcome for the project. Why do researchers seek European

EuroSafe Imaging, clinical audit, multidisciplinary team, radiology

Lessons learned from using the European Society of Radiology clinical audit templates in a pilot project at Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre (CHUC) together with Coimbra Health School in Portugal. The EuroSafe Imaging initiative (eurosafeimaging.org) focuses on promoting appropriateness in medical imaging, maintaining doses within diagnostic reference levels, and emphasises the importance of us

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Solutions for challenging reconstruction of subcutaneous adipose tissue Induction of blood vessel formation and adipogenic differentiation of fibre-bound human adipose tissue-derived stem cells for soft tissue reconstruction. The reconstruction of subcutaneous adipose tissue still represents a large challenge in plastic surgery. For a sufficient reconstruction of large-scale damages there is often a l

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Enabling continual monitoring and personalised care An innovative new wearable for the throat could mean a turning point for care of stroke patients. Developments in skin-close wearable electronics are presenting healthcare with a breadth of new devices that can enable continued monitoring outside the hospital or rehab clinic, presenting a significant step forward in personalised care. These pioneeri


India, artificial intelligence, AI, healthcare, technology

This piece describes the unique opportunities and challenges for artificial intelligence (AI) and digital health technology in India, describes some success stories, and brings up some current trends. With its vast inequalities in healthcare distribution, glaring lack of trained healthcare clinicians and infrastructure, and low government spending on healthcare, India is one of the countries in the wor

I-I-I Blog

NHS ,Anne O’Hanlon,Orion Health Emea

Solution Consulting Director - Orion Health Emea TOP QUOTE FROM BLOG: Advances for information exchange between healthcare organisations “MESH is strategically important for the NHS in England. It gives organisations a common way to securely communicate with each other electronically across many different business processes. This includes when people change their GP, have a blood test or are d

e-Health ,Osama Elhassan,GCC region,Dubai Health Authority

Head of E-Health Section - Health Data & Information Analysis Department, Dubai Health Authority TOP QUOTE FROM BLOG: The potential of e-Health professions in the GCC region “The digital transformation and expanding healthcare ecosystem presents an opportunity for the Gulf Cooperation Council region to ride the waves of change and leapfrog the USA and other nations, not only in terms of the

Mathias Goyen,Diagnostic Radiology,Oncology

Professor Of Diagnostic Radiology - Hamburg University; Chief Medical Officer - Oncology - Ge Healthcare TOP QUOTE FROM BLOG: Predictive maintenance in healthcare - If you can predict it, you can prevent it “The key advantages of predictive maintenance are that it can allow timely and convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance, and can prevent unexpected equipment failure.” See mo

Sarah Wickenden,CT3 Anaesthetics,Royal United Hospital Bath

CT3 Anaesthetics - Royal United Hospital Bath, UK TOP QUOTE FROM BLOG Tea trolley teaching: the what, why and benefits “This teaching method works very well for practical procedures (eg airway rescue manoeuvres), new protocols and policies (both new protocols and to refresh existing ones, eg major incident plans, major haemorrhage protocols) and even for electronic prescribing.” See more a

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