Provider of UpToDate, Lexicomp, Emmi, and Medi-Span ranks in the top two out of 20 vendors


Frost & Sullivan, a leading analyst firm, has named Wolters Kluwer Health as an Innovation & Growth Leader in the recent Frost Radar™ on Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). A review of 20 vendors ranked Wolters Kluwer Health’s portfolio, which includes UpToDate®, as a leader in both categories among CDSS providers helping clinicians make the best medical care decisions.


Frost & Sullivan applauded Wolters Kluwer Health for its innovation, stating: “At the forefront of developing use cases to implement emerging technologies, including Generative AI, into its solutions, the company is considerate about the need to build trust within the end-user community about these technologies. It has launched AI Labs to bring AI developers and healthcare system leaders together to test early use cases of generative AI.”


Wolters Kluwer Health was also recognized for its growth including expanding the reach of its solutions into adjacent market segments such as commercial payers, life sciences and retail health and to a wider set of users including nurses and physician assistants by “offering user-centric packages so that all decision-makers have access to important clinical information.”


Dr. Rishi Pathak, Global Director Healthcare & Life Sciences at Frost & Sullivan, noted: “The Frost Radar on CDSS was an exhaustive review of the vendors in this category. Wolters Kluwer Health showed leadership not only in its product vision but in innovation with its newer solutions using Generative AI and analytics dashboards. Demand for CDSS will continually increase as healthcare organizations progress along their data-driven transformation journey and look to reduce both omission and commission errors (that cost healthcare systems about $20 billion per year) while accessing updated content and guidelines to make personalized/patient-centric decisions.”  


UpToDate, a market-leading resource for healthcare around the world

Wolters Kluwer Health’s UpToDate is a leading CDSS with more than 12,400 clinical topics based on the synthesis of medical literature and the experience of physician experts around the world. UpToDate is used by more than two million users at more than 44,000 healthcare organizations in over 190 countries.


In addition to UpToDate, Wolters Kluwer Health offers several clinical solutions including Lexicomp® drug reference, Emmi® patient engagement and the Medi-Span® embedded drug data solutions.


“Our ranking in the Frost CDSS Radar validates that our vision and investment is on target for the healthcare market,” said Greg Samios, President and CEO of Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer Health. “For over 30 years, UpToDate has offered evidence-based content to help providers answer critically important questions. Our goal is to ensure care teams everywhere have access to trustworthy, evidence-based, and actionable information when and where they need it and delivered in the most useful way.”


Source & Image Credit: Wolters Kluwer


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