Cardiovascular Research Centre Opens in Leicester

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The University of Leicester British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre (CRC) officially opens on 11 June 2014 at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. The new facility brings together a world-renowned team of heart scientists who will have access to advanced IT systems and equipment, benefitting patients and raising the reputation of Leicester as a research site of international significance. Annually, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 160,000 deaths in the UK.

Local and National Support

Support for the new centre has been plentiful. The British Heart Foundation, the Wolfson Foundation and the Edith Murphy Foundation were generous donors. Over £5 million was raised during the CRC Appeal to its supporters, surpassing donation expectations. Local donor David Wilson pledged a gift of £500,000. A public phase of the appeal raised an additional £1 million, which provided state-of-the-art equipment for the centre.

According to Steve O’Conner, the CRC’s Director of Development, “The Cardiovascular Research Centre will deliver a step change in cardiovascular research capacity that will improve the health and life expectancy of patients and the public in Leicester, the UK and ultimately worldwide.”

Modern Medical Facilities

The new building is startling in its scale: at 2,200 square meters, it is the first four-story structure at Glenfield Hospital. Its position adjacent to the hospital’s Clinical Sciences wing will enable research teams from collaborative organisations to work together to improve diagnostic and prognostic tools for the treatment of heart disease. Innovative investigations are expected to encourage the rapid translation of research results from bench to bedside.

The CRC continues a longtime focus on heart disease research at the University of Leicester’s Medical School. It has already secured the single biggest philanthropic donation from the John and Lucille van Geest Foundation, The van Geest Foundation Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases Research Fund, in the amount of £7 million. The donation has enabled the construction of a new Biomarker Facility next-door to the CRC, which will open when the CRC does on 11 June.

Another facility, the £42 million Centre for Medicine, is set to open in the autumn of 2015. It will link applied research and medical teaching efforts carried out at the CRC, Leicester Medical School and local hospitals. Future doctors will be trained with a focus on patient needs, and the timely translation of research advances from laboratory to hospital settings.

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Published on : Tue, 10 Jun 2014

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Research, Heart, cardiovascular diseases, medical school, British Heart Foundation The University of Leicester British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre (CRC) officially opens on 11 June 2014 at Glenfield Hospital in Leicest

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