United Imaging Healthcare Europe, a leading company in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, proudly announces the introduction of our first Mobile DIGITAL PET-CT solution in Italy Europe, now fully operational in the Piacenza province under the auspices of the Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale Piacenza (AUSLP) hospital Italy. 



The first Mobile DIGITAL PET-CT system in Europe is a result of a successful collaboration between United Imaging Healthcare, Fora Spa and AUSLP Hospital, the premier mobile diagnostic services company in Italy. The mobile unit has been equipped with uMI 550 digital PET-CT system. It is top edge digital technology system integrated with 24cm wide PET AFOV, industry fine 2.76mm LYSO, TOF features, digital SiPM detector and finest 2.9mm NEMA resolution with added benefit of air-cooled detector technology ideally suited for mobile solutions.  This digital PET-CT is leveraging the powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence, the  PET reconstruction algortihm is constructed with the CNN-based iterative reconstruction engine trained from uEXPLORER® total-body PET data and AI-empowered workflow to predict low-noise PET images and improve image contrast as well as enable high-speed-scanning while maintaining outstanding PET image quality. As a result, the uMI 550 allows for whole-body scanning whole body PET-CT scan in within 6 minutes with 4 to 5 beds position. uMI550 is also equipped with unique solution of data driven head motion correction algorithm, results in overcoming the need of repeat scans. The digital detector design with low-voltage power uses less energy, whereas its programmed mobile-specific workflow maximizes patient throughput to enable the ability to scan at multiple locations on the same day. On CT technology, 80 slice CT scanner with the ultra-low noise Z-Detector technology reduces the radiation dose without compromising the quality of imaging. Overall, the unique features includinng automated Radioactive sourceless quality control programs, multiple radiopharmaceutical support, and United Imaging's unique collaborative lifecycle approach, uMI 550 is a highly reliable machine designed to withstand the needs of large-volume treatment centers. 



The partnership between United Imaging, Fora Spa, and AUSLP Hospital is bound to have a significant impact on the healthcare landscape of the Piacenza Province, providing its 285,943 inhabitants with improved access to state-of-the-art advanced imaging modalities. 


Prior to the introduction of the mobile digital PET-CT unit, as many as 1200/1300 patients annually traveled out of the province in order to obtain PET/CT scans. However, now, thanks to the creation of a fully autonomous mobile digital PET-CT unit equipped with the essential devices for the preparation of the radiopharmaceutical necessary for carrying out the test and its administration, patients will no longer be forced to make long-distances to undergo advanced imaging. Considering the paramount role of digital PET-CT imaging in the diagnostic process and subsequent planning and monitoring of the oncological, neurological and cardiological treatment management. The oncology, neurology and cardilogy patients will particularly benefit from the mobile digital PET-CT unit. Moreover, besides facilitating access to cutting-edge imaging modalities, this pioneering solution encourages the work of multidisciplinary groups and shared decision-making as the medical personnel can share PET-CT studies in the company system. 



The mobile unit is located in front of the Piacenza hospital, and the tests are managed by the Nuclear Medicine team directed by Massimiliano Casali, in close coordination with the other activities of the department. Since its launch, fifty patients have had the opportunity to undergo PET-CT scans, with estimates of 1,800 services per year once the mobile unit becomes fully operational. 



United Imaging is confident that the integration of state-of-the-art uMI550 digital PET-CT system will provide highest quality imaging and diagnostic confidence for every patient from the Piacenza province of Italy.


United Imaging takes great pride in the fact that the Patients from the Piacenza province will now have the opportunity to undergo precise diagnosis and receive tailored treatment from the first Mobile DIGITAL uMI550 PET-CT system.


Source: United Imaging

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