Avicenna.AI, a French medical imaging AI specialist, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with AI platform pioneers Blackford to integrate its CINA-iPE, a CE-marked solution, into the Blackford AI Platform. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the field of healthcare AI, offering healthcare professionals enhanced capabilities for detecting incidental pulmonary embolism during routine CT scans.


Blackford provides healthcare professionals access to an extensive portfolio of more than 115 AI solutions designed to drive clinical efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. By integrating Avicenna’s CINA-iPE solution into the Blackford Platform, Blackford enhances their ability to provide healthcare professionals with a powerful tool for identification of lung blood clots in Chest CT Angiography.


Incidental pulmonary embolism is a common finding in routine CT scans of the chest, with only 25%  of incidental emboli reported during the initial interpretation*. Addressing the serious issue of delayed and missed findings in diagnostic imaging, this partnership aims to significantly impact patient outcomes, particularly in the cancer patient population where incidental pulmonary embolism is a major cause of mortality.


“Blackford is always looking to enhance our AI portfolio to provide healthcare professionals with innovative tools to help enhance clinical efficiency and decision making”, said Ben Panter, Founder and CEO of Blackford. “We’re delighted to add the CINA-iPE pulmonary embolism solution to our platform, further enhancing our existing trusted relationship with Avicenna.AI”


“We are thrilled to empower the extensive community of Blackford users with our innovative incidental Pulmonary Embolism algorithm. This global partnership brings healthcare providers closer to a more systematic reporting and treatment of life-threatening pulmonary emboli,” stated Cyril Di Grandi, Co-founder, and CEO of Avicenna. AI.


Source & Image Credit: Avicenna.AI



* https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16684921/


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Avicenna.AI, Blackford, CINA-iPE, pulmonary embolism detection, healthcare AI Avicenna.AI partners with Blackford to integrate CINA-iPE, enhancing AI capabilities for detecting pulmonary embolism in routine CT scans.