• Valentin Sinitsyn

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    Professor Chief of Radiology Department Federal Center of Treatment and Rehabilitation Moscow, Russia

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  • Grading COVID-19 Severity with CT: CAD and AI

    • 11/05/2020

    Summary: A radiologist working with COVID-19 patients in Russia looks at how technology has aided imaging-based diagnosis and what this could mean for future practice in grading disease severity. The pandemic of COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge to modern global healthcare. Today everybody understands that diagnostic imaging has critical importance in detection, grading, and...

  • New indications for coronary CT angiography

    • 19/09/2017

    The time has come The latest in CCTA and how the quality and timeliness of diagnosis can be improved. Since the beginning of the 21st century coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA ) has turned from a research tool with ill-defined indications into the recognised cardiac imaging modality with proven clinical and prognostic values. There is already a myriad of single-centre...

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    High Time for Shift to a Better Model of Radiology

    For the Russian state-based public healthcare system, the concept of value-based imaging could be regarded as a new one. So far it is sill mostly based on reimbursement according to volume of radiolog

  • The Future of Telemedicine: Two Perspectives

    • 13/11/2016

    Radiology Without Borders: A Russian Viewpoint   Today teleradiology is an essential and indispensable part of radiology. Teleradiology enhances efficacy of our service, makes our diagnosis more timely and accurate, saves time and money, helps to overcome some temporal or regional shortages of trained radiologists and—last but not least—it is more and more needed by our patients.   So

  • Clinical Use of Coronary CT Angiography

    • 25/08/2016

    CHANGE OF PARADIGM During the last decades we have witnessed a tremendous ‏progress in imaging technologies. Probably the ‏most impressive results have been achieved in cardiac ‏imaging. The landscape of diagnostic tools used for cardiovascular ‏diagnostics has dramatically changed. All cardiovascular ‏imaging technologies have improved, but the ‏most spectacular changes have occurred in echocardiograph

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    Zoom On: Valentin Sinitsyn, Federal Center of Medicine and Rehabilitat

    Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn is Head of the Radiology Department in the Federal Center of Medicine and Rehabilitation and Head of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Moscow State University. HealthManagement...

  • Interview with Prof. Valentin E. Sinitsyn:

    • 04/01/2010

    Co-Founder of the European Society of Cardiac Radiology Talks About Collaboration Between Cardiologists and Radiologists Born in Elizovo, on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia on 14 November 1961, Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn began medical school at the Sechenov 1st Moscow Medical Institute in 1978, and graduated in 1984. From 1984 to 1988 he worked as a resident and fellow in the Diagnostic Radiology...

  • Radiologists in Russia

    • 15/03/2013

    How many new radiologists graduate each year in Russia and what is the total number of radiologists already working there? There are no official statistics for the number of new radiologists graduating each year. However, according to the number of teaching sites we can estimate that there are around 400-500 new radiologists annually. Officially we have 14,000 radiologists (Ministry of Health, 2012)...

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