• Hans Blickman

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    Email —  ******@***urmc.rochester.edu
    Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics emeritus
    Radiologist-in-Chief (ret) Golisano Children's Hospital, URMC

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  • If you can’t beat them…join them

    • 21/08/2018

    Encouraging point-of-care ultrasound to diagnose patients and train new healthcare professionals. Medical schools are including an ultrasound application and formal teaching in their curriculum; emergency medicine and critical care physicians have embraced the use of hand held ultrasound probes that offer the advantage to ‘see’ immediate information regarding the patient. At the beginning...

  • Point-of-Care US: A New Service Delivery Model

    • 05/01/2016

    Medical care in the Netherlands is organised through a gatekeeper, the general practitioner (GP). Originally, the GP would take care of the entire spectrum of medical care personally, in his or her office, often aided by a partner. When time and paperwork constraints made this more difficult, organisations sprang up that centralised medical diagnostics services regionally for groups of GPs.  In the...

  • How to... Assess Staff Performance in the Imaging Department

    • 15/12/2007

    Implementing good staff assessments in the medical imaging department begins at recruitment level. Making sound hiring decisions in the first place ensures as few later difficulties as possible. Don’t hire anyone who isn’t well qualified or who has questionable career history, is the first piece of advice; it makes assessing staff afterwards much more straightforward.  One of the main challenges...

  • Prof. Hans Blickman

    • 11/05/2015

    Prof. Blickman is Vice Chair, Department of Imaging Sciences at the University of Rochester’s Medical Center and Radiologistin- Chief at the golisano Childrens Hospital in the USA. He is  a valued member of HealthManagement’s Editorial Board. 1. What are your key areas of interest and research? • Paediatric imaging: trauma, gastrointestinal, genitourinary; • Management of imaging departments....

  • Departmental Management: Process Improvement

    • 30/07/2012

    Moving to an Organ-Based Workflow Today’s era of patient-centric medical/imaging care evolved from the modality specialists of the 1980s and ‘90s. It became obvious in subsequent years that radiology had to become more workflow-oriented, and be a more integral part of a multidisciplinary patient care team. At the same time, the arrival of PACS/RIS, the digitalisation of imaging in particular...

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    Zoom On: Prof. Hans Blickman, Paediatric Radiologist

    Prof. Johan G. (Hans) Blickman is Vice Chair, Department of Imaging Sciences at the University of Rochester’s Medical Center and Radiologist-in-Chief at the Golisano Childrens Hospital. Prof. Blickm

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