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  • Integrating Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

    • 08/07/2022

    Prof Elmar Kotter is the Vice-Chair and Director of Imaging Informatics & Quality and Risk Management at the Department of Radiology of Freiburg University Medical Center, Germany. He is also Chair of the eHealth and Informatics Subcommittee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and President of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII). Prof Kotter is dedicated to patients,...

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    doRadiology apps review

    App Name Do Radiology Description   This is a series of radiology apps. The creators of the apps describe them as ‘Dynamic, immersive radiology environment’.

  • Radiology Education Goes Mobile: What's Changed?

    • 07/05/2017

    Mobile devices are used by most students, residents and radiologists in everyday life. They allow fast and convenient access to all internet resources and to data stored on the devices. Entire bookshelves of information can be transported easily and are at the device user’s fingertips. The interactivity of mobile devices allows new techniques of knowledge presentation to be introduced. During the...

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