• Charles Niehaus

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    Executive Director Affidea Group

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  • The Chessboard of Radiology: Learning from Each Move Through Peer Revi

    • 24/05/2024

      Key Points In the precise and critical field of radiology, peer review embodies the philosophy of continuous improvement. Like chess grandmasters who meticulously analyse every move to enhance their gameplay, radiologists engaged in peer review explore their diagnostic decisions, learning from each case to improve patient outcomes.  Peer review assesses the imaging report for continuo

  • Elevating Healthcare: Affidea's Commitment to Patient Safety

    • 28/11/2023

    Affidea recognises the pivotal role of innovation and patient-centric care in transforming the healthcare experience and is committed to setting new benchmarks that prioritise patient safety while offering best-in-class care     Key points Radiation safety is not a matter to be taken lightly. Numerous studies highlight the rising concerns regarding cumulative radiation exposure. Aff

  • Breaking Down Barriers: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Affordability a

    • 28/02/2023

    As healthcare costs continue to rise,patients, Insurance companies and other payorsand healthcare providers alike face the challenge of balancing high-quality care with affordability. It is essential for healthcare systems to provide patients with the care they need at a price they can afford without compromising on quality.   Key Points   <ul><li>Affordable care with hi

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