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  •  Inga Shugalo

    How to Select a BI Solution for Your Healthcare Practice: A Five-Step

    • 11:48 AM, Oct 30

    A huge amount of data is generated in healthcare. How can healthcare organisations process and benefit from this data? This article explores the use of business intelligence tools for data-driven decisions and insight.   With the expansion of diagnostics methods in healthcare, the amount of data generated, captured, and copied by devices has increased. According to Statista,  181 terabytes

  •  Inga Shugalo

    Why Adopt Population Health Management Software

    • 04:57 PM, Feb 28

    We all wish to be equal when it comes to health. Yet, people’s residence, socio-economic status, and demographics significantly influence their health. How do we take all of the above into account to improve healthcare services for different groups of people? Key Points The term “population health” was coined in 2003 to determine the influence of different factors on the state of health...

  •  Inga Shugalo

    How EHR Interoperability Can Facilitate Successful Clinical Trials

    • 11:18 AM, Nov 09

    An overview of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and how EHR tools could mark a new era in healthcare interoperability and be a valuable source of patient data for clinical trials. Key Points Clinical data exchange is crucial for patient treatment and clinical trials. EHR tools that communicate without barriers could mark a new era in healthcare interoperability. EHRs can become a valuable...


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