• Laura Hawryluck

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    Critical Care Medicine University Health Network University of Toronto

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  • Prof. Laura Hawryluck, MD MSc. (Bioethics) FRCPC

    The Internet & Rise of AI in CCM: Opportunities, Threats and the Pract

    • 10:44 AM, Nov 30

    This article explores how pervasive and persuasive the internet is in current critical care practice, offers insights into how healthcare professionals, patients and fami­lies can critically appraise where information comes from and its content producers and discusses the opportunities and threats posed by AI on the physicians/team-patient/family relationships.       &nbsp

  • Prof. Laura Hawryluck, MD MSc. (Bioethics) FRCPC

    Coping With the Psychological Impact of Medical Errors: Some Practical

    • 09:00 AM, Feb 17

    Significant efforts have been made to make hospitals and ICUs as safe as possible. As healthcare workers (HCWs) try to get through this pandemic, the focus of this article is to explore practical steps to help these workers better cope with the psychological effects of being involved in an error event. Introduction: Error Events, Causes and Psychological Effects...

  • Prof. Laura Hawryluck, MD MSc. (Bioethics) FRCPC

    ICU Mental Health in the Ongoing Pandemic: How Will We Be Okay?

    • 03:31 PM, Apr 19

    After a year of this pandemic, this article explores what we currently understand about the psychological impact experienced by ICU teams and provides practical guidance to help build personal and team resilience as the journey with COVID-19 continues with no end in sight. Introduction When COVID-19 emerged as a new pathogen, the pictures and stories of the devastation it was bringing focused...

  • Prof. Laura Hawryluck, MD MSc. (Bioethics) FRCPC

    Innovations in ICU Expansion Solutions: From Tents to Modified Shippin

    • 03:38 PM, Nov 24

    This article discusses the 2020 innovations in ICU surge capacity, their benefits and challenges and how they may prevent or delay the need to enact triage criteria /decision-making in pandemic and mass casualty situations. Introduction Even though governments in many countries have taken unprecedented steps to shut down their economies and impose massive self-isolation, social distancing...


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